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By Boris Avrukh

"Grandmaster Repertoire" is a brand new sequence of top quality chess books in keeping with the most traces, written via robust grandmasters. the purpose is to supply the reader with a whole repertoire at a degree more than enough for elite tournaments, and definitely additionally for the membership championship. "Grandmaster Repertoire" offers a repertoire to final an entire life. best GM Boris Avrukh charts a path in the direction of a bonus with 1.d4. Avrukh is used to dealing with the simplest avid gamers on the earth. during this ebook he provides a higher model of the repertoire that increased him to the head 50, concentrating on major strains with a king aspect fianchetto. "1.d4 quantity One" covers the openings after 1.d4 d4 2.c4, really the Catalan, Queen's Gambit permitted, Semi-Slav, Slav, and different Queen's Gambit traces.

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Now White has a decision: 14.! fl the choice is 1 four. ttJfl and after 14 . . . b5 1 five . �d l b4 Black fast bumped into the difficulty in Izoria - Agrest, Las Vegas 2003: 1 6. h4 ttJbS 1 7.! g5 ttJc6 l S . ttJe3 f6 1 nine . exf6 gxf6 20.! h6± 14 . . . a5 1 five .! d3 back, it is a ordinary inspiration during this edition: White avoids an alternate of light-squared bishops. 1 three . . . a5 1 4.! fl I continuously like to turn on the light-squared bishop, however it additionally seems that when 1 four . ttJ fl ! a6 1 five . h4 ! d3 1 6.! g5 h6 1 7 .! xe7 �xe7 l S . 1:'1ac 1 ttJc7 1 nine . 1:'1e3 ! b5 20. 1Wd l lLla6 2 1 . 1:'1ec3 1:'1xc3 22. 1:'1xc3 ttJdbS 23. g4±, regardless of the simplifications, White has convinced strain, Sargissian - Rivas Pastor, Ubeda 2 hundred 1 . 1 four . . . ttJbS 1 five .! d3 ! a6 1 6.! b 1 this is often Filippov - Portisch, Halkidiki 2002. once more, it's the related inspiration of holding the light-squared bishop alive. The humorous factor is this online game used to be performed the day after my video game with Filippov (mentioned above within the 1 three . . . ttJc7 edition) , so i will be able to suppose that he beloved my thought and made up our minds to play this line with contrary colors. It did earn Filippov a really convincing victory: 1 6 . . . ttJc6 1 7. ttJfl 1 7. a3 used to be priceless of attention. 1 7 . . . ! b4 l S .! d2 f5 1 nine. 1Wd 1 ! e7 20. h4± White retains somewhat greater percentages. 1 three . . . 1Wc7 is feasible, yet White has effortless play: 1 four .! fl a6 1 five .! d3 ttJbS 1 6. h4 a5 1 7. a3 ! a6 l S .! b 1 f6 A logical response, as Black in actual fact lacks area, yet now the e6-pawn turns into an enduring weak spot. 1 nine. exf6 ! xf6 20. lLlfl 1Wf7 2 1 .! f4 White was once conveniently greater in Stefanova - Molchanova, Sochi two hundred five . 14. Wb3 The Catalan 1 ninety six I desire to not permit Black to turn on his bishop. for instance, 1 four. Wd l j,b5 , although after 1 five . j,fl j,xfl 1 6. tt'lxfl White nonetheless has greater probabilities, because of his house virtue. 19 ... l'! fd8 20 . id2 as 2 1 . lLlg2! ;t White's likelihood is most well known, as he has sturdy customers of constructing an initiative at the kingside via We3-f4-g4, or tt'lf4-h5 . 14 bS evidently Black attempts to get a few task at the queenside. ( 1 . d4 dS 2. c4 e6 three. lLlS lLlf6 four. g3 . ie7 S .. ig2 0-0 6. 0-0 lLlbd7 7. �c2 c6 eight. lLlbd2 b6 nine. e4) .. • l S .. ifl �b6 After 1 five . . . b4 I gained a very simple video game, which persisted: 1 6. j,a6! A soft intermediate circulate, which disrupts Black's coordination. 1 6 . . . l'! bB 1 7. j,d3 j,b5 I B . j,b l l'! cB 1 nine. tt'lfl tt'lb6 20. h4 Wc7 2 1 . j,g5 j,xg5 ? (better used to be 2 1 . . . tt'lc4) 22. tt'lxg5 h6 23. tt'lh7+- Avrukh - Al Tamimi, Bajada de l. a. Virgen 2005. • B23) nine ... . ia6 Black places the bishop in this probably much less logical sq., now not as a result of a mouse slip, yet simply because he are looking to play . . . l'! cB and . . . c5 to place strain at the c4-pawn and aspect a finger on the queen on c2. fortunately, White strikes j ust approximately each moment time. 1 zero. b3 1 6 .. id3 b4 17. tZm h6 fighting an tense j,g5 . This place arose in Izoria - Nadera, Dubai 2004. White may well proceed: 18. lLle3!? within the video game Black won stable counterplay after I B . j,f4 j,b5 1 nine. j,b l f5 20. exf6 tt'lexf6°o. the next is a coarse line to teach what may well take place after I B.

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