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A chinese language Bestiary presents a desirable competition of legendary creatures from a special and enduring cosmography written in old China. The Guideways via Mountains and Seas, compiled among the fourth and primary centuries b.c.e., comprises descriptions of hundreds of thousands of wonderful denizens of mountains, rivers, islands, and seas, in addition to minerals, vegetation, and medication. The textual content additionally represents a variety of ideals held by means of the traditional chinese language. Richard Strassberg brings the Guideways to existence for contemporary readers by way of weaving jointly translations from the paintings itself with details from different texts and up to date archaeological reveals to create a lavishly illustrated advisor to the imaginitive global of early China.

Unlike the bestiaries of the overdue medieval interval in Europe, the Guideways was no longer interpreted allegorically; the unfamiliar beings defined in it have been considered as real entities stumbled on through the panorama. The paintings used to be initially used as a sacred geography, as a guidebook for tourists, and as a ebook of omens. at the present time, it really is considered as the richest repository of historic chinese language mythology and shamanistic knowledge. The Guideways may were illustrated from the beginning, however the earliest surviving illustrations are woodblock engravings from an extraordinary 1597 version. Seventy-six of these plates are reproduced right here for the 1st time, they usually offer a very good instance of the chinese language engraver's artwork throughout the overdue Ming dynasty.

This appealing quantity, compiled by means of a well known professional within the box, presents a desirable window at the strategies and ideology of an historical humans, and should pride experts and normal readers alike.

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Consuming it is going to medication carbuncles. 158 This Yiyu-Bird has an identical identify as no. seventy six yet is a di erent creature. ninety one. S H U - F I S H ( S H U Y U ) ÏΩ The Peng River emanates from Belt Mountain and flows west into Hidden-Lake River. In it live many Shu-Fish. The Shu-Fish’s shape resembles a poultry yet with crimson feathers, 3 tails, six ft, and 4 heads. It makes a valid like a magpie. consuming it's going to remedy depression. 159 an alternative model of this passage preserved within the encyclopedia Ocean of Jade (Yuhai, 1266) states that those fish have 4 eyes rather than 4 heads, and they're depicted therefore within the Wu Renchen version portrait. Hao Yixing famous that during his personal time, the Cantonese prized the same fish sometimes called the Shu, which he believed to be an analogous. This fish resembled a poultry with delicate scales and with a number of ft and tails, the latter reminiscent of 8 belts. They thought of it a delicacy while salted and sometimes preserved it for lengthy sessions. one hundred sixty ninety two. H E L U O - F I S H ( H E L U O Z H I Y U ) ÛπßΩ 400 li farther north stands Bright-Tower Mountain. The Tower River emanates from it and flows west into the Yellow River. In it stay many Heluo-Fish. The Heluo-Fish has one head and ten our bodies P L A T E S X V I I I – X I X 1 1 nine 90 89 and makes a legitimate like a barking puppy. consuming it's going to remedy tumors. 161 Yang Shen wrote in his Encomiums on unusual Fish (Yiyu tuzan, 1544) that the Heluo-Fish remodeled itself right into a chicken often called the Never-Old, which stole rice kernels from the pestle in the course of threshing, in basic terms to fall into the mortar and die. It additionally might set free a cry whilst it flew through at evening and was once acknowledged to be scared o via thunder. different commentators have steered that maybe this is often kind of like a tenheaded poultry referred to as the Guhuo and likewise because the Demon’s Carriage. 162 ninety three ninety four ninety two ninety one 88 ninety three. M E N G H U A I si there's a beast residing the following at Bright-Tower Mountain whose shape resembles a porcupine with crimson bristles. It makes a legitimate like a wildcat and is termed the Menghuai. it could repel evil forces. 163 in accordance with Guo Pu’s encomium, the Menghuai was once depicted within the Illustrations of scary Creatures. 164 ninety four. X I X I - F I S H ( X I X I Z H I Y U ) ±±ßΩ 300 fifty li farther north stands Trickling-Brilliance Mountain. The Raucous River emanates from the following and 1 2 zero P L A T E X I X flows westward into the Yellow River. In it stay many Xixi-Fish. The Xixi-Fish’s shape resembles a magpie with ten wings, and its scales are all at the tip of its feathers. It makes a valid like a magpie and will repel fireplace. consuming it could actually hinder jaundice. at the heights of this mountain are many pines and junipers, and at its toes are many arms and Jiang-Oaks. one of the beasts listed here are Ling-Antelopes, whereas one of the birds are many Fan-Birds. a hundred sixty five The Fan-Bird is still unidentified, even though Guo Pu urged that it would be a type of owl. 166 PLATE XX ninety five. C A M E L ( T U O T U O ) m— 300 80 li farther north is Mount Guo. On its heights are many lacquer timber, and at its toes are many paulownia and JuTrees.

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