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A suite of treatises via Averroes at the nature and houses of the heavens. contains a severe version of the Hebrew textual content with English translation, statement and creation.

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120). eighty three Cf. Physics VII, 1, 242a, 15ft". ;VIII, five, 257a, 31 ff. Cf. additionally Metaphysics II, 2. eighty four the adaptation among locomotion and alteration is that during locomotion the 1st mover is break away its physique, whereas in alteration that which first alters is a estate inhering within the celestial physique. The latter estate doesn't presuppose a previous reason present except the celestial physique. eighty five Having proven within the prior passage that alteration in terrestrial our bodies is reducible to whatever first altered within the celestial physique, Averroes now indicates that the alteration of the celestial physique and that of the terrestrial one don't belong to an identical genus. therefore the time period "alteration" can't be predicated of the 2 our bodies based on precedence and posteriority however it has to be predicated equivocally of them. during this passage Averroes turns out to indicate that issues predicated in accordance with precedence and posteriority belong to an analogous genus. In different passages he turns out to take care of that issues predicated based on precedence and posteriority can't belong to a similar genus. See above, chap. 1, n. 6, and chap. 2, n. 60. it sort of feels to me that the time period "genus" isn't really utilized in the current passage in its strict feel yet that it refers back to the issue universal to objects predicated ninety six Chapter both to an analogous genus because the estate it produces in one other physique or it line iso can belong to another genus. therefore, in terms of an instance of the latter case, the valuables of calefaction that the celestial our bodies have towards the terrestrial ones is a nature that's neither scorching nor chilly, simply because the movement of the celestial physique happens based on a nature that's neither heavy nor mild. this is often the obvious assertion about the celestial our bodies, yet God knows86 the facts thereof proceeds as follows: due to the fact those 4 terrestrial traits produce and suffer motion in advantage of a few caliber except themselves, their sequence needs to absolutely come to an finish with features that act, yet don't endure motion. And it seems that probably and so much right that those terrestrial traits are usually not reducible to characteristics belonging to their very own genus, now not no matter if it have been laid down that those characteristics are predicated of the celestial and terrestrial our bodies in accordance [to the type of "generic" predication that's stated to be in accordance] to precedence and posteriority,87 for it'll unavoidably persist with that whatever no longer passive could belong to the genus of passive traits. And this can be far-fetched. And from this dialogue it's obtrusive that fireplace, being passive, isn't the first calefactory element,88 however it is critical that the 1st calefactory point may still produce warmth through features that aren't passive,89 within the comparable in line with precedence and posteriority. this sort of predication is unusual from equivocal predication, which refers to a sameness of brand basically. 86 V1V Vsm. This word, absent from the Latin model, displays such universal Koranic words as: Ll£ ijlj «Ul o j . . . "... verily, Allah is embracing (omnipresent); understanding" (2:109); £Je £ * i iiT !

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