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By Anthony O'Hear

During this arguable booklet O'Hear takes a stand opposed to the style for explaining human habit by way of evolution. He contends that whereas the speculation of evolution is profitable in explaining the advance of the wildlife regularly, it truly is of restricted worth while utilized to the human global. as a result of our reflectiveness and our rationality we tackle objectives and beliefs which can't be justified when it comes to survival-promotion or reproductive virtue. O'Hear examines the character of human self-consciousness, and argues that evolutionary thought can't provide a passable account of such specific features of human existence because the quest for wisdom, conscience, and the appreciation of good looks; in those we go beyond our organic origins. it truly is our rationality that permits every one folks to move past not just our organic but in addition our cultural inheritance: because the writer says within the Preface, "we are prisoners neither of our genes nor of the tips we come across as we each one make our own and person method via life."

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