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Classic BattleTech is a table-top wargame set within the fictional BattleTech universe that simulates strive against among futuristic mechanized forces. initially released by means of FASA company, the sport is now produced by means of Catalyst video game Labs lower than license from WizKids. The time period "Classic" is used to distinguish from the unique video game & different editions that experience derived from it, resembling MechWarrior: darkish Age.

TechManual, which provides the layout principles for making customized devices that conform to the traditional video game play rules.

This ebook includes all details essential to design&construct many of the devices provided within the middle ideas set. The dossier is of retail caliber, yet as I didn't purchase it myself I'm no longer allowed to tag it consequently. Please don't add wherever else! while you are attracted to the sport, i like to recommend the committed BattleTech-Wiki at

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If no major gun is fastened at the ProtoMech, all armor and constitution issues for the most gun will be blacked out at the unit’s list sheet. area: ProtoMech inner constitution doesn't occupy any areas within the ProtoMech’s gear slots. developing the Proto’s constitution consequently has no effect on its guns and gear stock. ?? Centaur ProtoMechs from extended family Blood Spirit’s Iota Galaxy lead the cost opposed to a extended family Coyote Mad Cat and Rabid Coyote. PROTOMECH constitution AND ARMOR desk inner constitution Circles (Max. Armor) Legs (Both) major Gun* greatest Armor issue (Without/With major Gun) inner constitution Weight Head Torso fingers (Left/Right) 2 two hundred kg 1 (3) 2 (4) 1 (2) 2 (4) 1 (3) 15/18 three three hundred kg 1 (3) three (6) 1 (4) 2 (4) 1 (3) 17/20 four four hundred kg 1 (4) four (8) 1 (4) three (6) 1 (3) 22/25 five 500 kg 1 (4) five (10) 1 (4) three (6) 1 (3) 24/27 6 six hundred kg 2 (5) 6 (12) 2 (4) four (8) 1 (3) 33/36 7 seven hundred kg 2 (5) 7 (14) 2 (4) four (8) 1 (3) 35/38 eight 800 kg 2 (6) eight (16) 2 (4) five (10) 1 (3) 40/43 nine 900 kg 2 (6) nine (18) 2 (4) five (10) 1 (3) 42/45 overall ProtoMech Tonnage *The major gun is an non-compulsory ProtoMech part, which gives no inner constitution circles (or armor) while no longer put in. John’s Siren-4 weighs three plenty (3,000 kilograms). with out different inner constitution sort to be had past ProtoMech general, he notes the burden of stated constitution can be three hundred kilograms (10 percentage of 3,000 kilograms = 3,000 kilograms x zero. 1 = three hundred kilograms). This leaves 2,700 kilograms up to now (3,000 – three hundred = 2,700). After consulting the ProtoMech inner constitution desk, John blacks out all extraneous gray-shaded circles from the ProtoMech’s Armor Diagram on his Siren-4’s list Sheet, leaving just one open grey circle within the head, three open grey circles within the torso, 1 circle each one within the left and correct palms, and a couple of circles within the legs. John makes a decision opposed to fitting a first-rate gun, and so blacks out all grey and white circles frequently Gun situation. Kevin’s Hydra weighs 6 lots (6,000 kilograms), delivering an inner constitution weight of six hundred kilograms, which he decided through consulting the ProtoMech inner constitution desk. This weight offers 2 constitution issues within the head, 6 issues within the torso, 2 issues every one within the left and correct hands, and four issues within the legs. Kevin additionally comes to a decision to mount a primary gun, and so gets 1 constitution element in that position besides. He blacks out all the extra gray-shaded inner constitution circles in these destinations on his Hydra’s list Sheet. The Hydra has 5,400 kilograms of unassigned weight thus far (6,000 – six hundred = 5,400 kilograms). Lara’s Delphyne-2 weighs in at nine lots (9,000 kilograms), so its inner constitution will weigh 900 kilograms (10 percentage of 9,000 kg = 9,000 x zero. 1 = 900 kg). The ProtoMech inner constitution desk tells Lara that her Delphyne will obtain 2 issues of inner constitution within the head, nine issues within the torso, 2 issues in every one arm and five within the ProtoMech’s legs. Like John, Lara comes to a decision to not set up a major gun, and so—while blacking out the entire extra gray-shaded circles within the ProtoMech’s a variety of locations—she additionally blacks out all circles ordinarily Gun position.

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