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Half eleven (l;lavah). chap. 26, p. 223d (ed. Venice, 1553). R. Yeroham is writing below the effect of Maimonides, Mishneh Torah. legislation of Forbidden sex II : 15. The perform of the Proven\al girls could have come to them from both the ladies of Ashkenaz or the Karaites of Spain. 19. Sej'er Maharil. ed. S. Spitzer (Jerusalem: Machon Yerushalayim. 1989). pp. 466-67. 20. R. IsraellsserJein. Terumat ha-Deshen, half II. Pesakim u-Kelavim #132; see additionally R. Joseph b. Moshe, Leke! Yosher, Orab ijayyim, p. sick. ed. Freimann. 21. Sefer ha·Agur ed. M. Hershler (Jerusalem: 1960). sec. 1388. p. 210. 22. distinction the reason of Weiss. "Women and Siffe! Torah," p. unwell. 23. R. Abraham Gumbiner (1637-c. 1683). Magen Avraham. n. "b" on Orab ijayyim 88. echoed via R. Abraham Danzig (1748-1820),l;layye Adam three: 38; see additionally R. Joseph Hahn (d. 1637). Yoseph Ometz (Frankfurt: Hermon 1928; repro Jerusalem: 1965), pp. 342-43. and R. Joseph Kashman. Nohea Katzon Yoseph (published through the writer in 1718; repro Tel Aviv, 1969). pp. 116-17 (d. p. ninety five the place he endorses the prohibition for parturients). That those prohibitions have been a part of women's piety is confirmed via their widespread visual appeal in Yiddish minhag books. one hundred fifteen Purity and Piety: The Separation of Menstruants from the Sanda 24. See R. Israel Meir ha-Kohen Kagan (known because the l;Iafetz l;Iayyim. 1838-1933). Mishnah Berurah. n. "z" on Orab l;I. ayyim 88 (first released in 1894). R. Kagan is describing the customs of Russia and Poland; in Hungary the prohibition turns out to have continued. See the Ifatam Sofer (by R. Moses Sofer, 1763-1839) on Orab l;Iayyim 88. and R. Solomon Ganzfried (1804-1886), Ki/Zur Shul~an Arukh. pt. four. 153: sixteen. 25. guess Yosef on TUT. Orab l;I. ayyim 88. finish. 26. See the responsum of R. Ovadyah Yosef dted in n. l. 27. In his responsum allowing aliyot for ladies, R. Aaron Blumenthal felt obliged to deal with the query of no matter if a menstruant may well obtain an aliyah and contact a Torah scroll. (The resolution is certain. ) See Conservative Judaism and Jewish legislation, ed. Seymour Siegel (New York: Rabbinical meeting, 1977). pp. 277-78. 28. R. Eliezer Silver, Conservative Judaism II (Fall 1956): fifty two. and R. Yeblel Weinberg, Seride; Esh II (Jerusalem 1961): no. 12, p. 283. 29. See. for instance. Rachel Adler, "Tum'ah and Toharah. Ends and Beginnings," The (First) Jewish Catalogue, ed. Richard Siegel, M. Strassfeld, and S. Strassfeld (Philadelphia: JPS, 1973),167-71. repro in reaction 18 (1973) = The Jewish lady: An Anthology. ed. Liz Koltun (New York: $chocken. (976), 117-27; and Aryeh Kaplan. Waters of Eden (New York: nationwide convention of Synagogue adolescence, 1976). either Adler and Kaplan protect, at the very least to some degree, the normal approach of menstrual taboos. For a extra radical procedure. see. for instance. Penina Adelman, Miriam l good: Rituals for Jewish ladies (New York: Biblio Press, 1986). Norma Baumel Joseph MEl:lITZAH: HALAKHIC judgements AND POLITICAL results The separation of guys and girls in public areas has a protracted and complex heritage. I Biblical tales of ladies as singers, dancers, and mourners attest to their presence at communal occasions.

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