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It invades the host organism, lives and grows in symbiosis with it, and, whether it is powerful sufficient, it takes keep an eye on. as soon as the brain has taken regulate of the host physique, it obviously seeks to opposite the body’s programming for self-destruction on the way to live on. as soon as people have discovered to outline themselves via their minds, the next move is to defy the programmed decay of the physique. it's the emergence of self-consciousness—the mind’s popularity of its personal lifestyles distinctive from the body—that ignites humankind’s conflict to unfastened itself 34 half 1: the transhumanist manifesto from the constraints of the genetic criminal. it's the sheer horror of the mind’s acceptance of its lifestyles in a decaying physique that triggers the desire to override its genetic software for self-destruction. those that communicate of the “Cartesian dichotomy of brain and physique” are sorely flawed. Cartesian dualism isn't the explanation for our difficulties, however the starting of the answer. Descartes’s “cogito ergo sum”—I imagine as a result I am—signifies the brain’s attractiveness of its personal lifestyles special from the physique. The evolution of the human brain has allowed us to get up to the horror of our slavery to a genetic software for self-destruction. whilst Descartes outlined lifestyles when it comes to his pondering brain, he didn't bring in an age of collapsed human values, however the commence of the brightest period in human history—the quest for freedom from the egocentric genes which call for our self-destruction. Descartes isn't the villain however the hero of the piece. Cartesian duality marks the start of human evolution from Homo sapiens to Homo cyberneticus— guy the steersman of his personal future. five. NURETHICS A morality in response to religion, now not cause, can't wish to suffer in an age of everincreasing medical wisdom. guy is a rational animal; he needs to locate rational arguments to lead his habit. Morality calls for no deity. Benevolence is just logic. “Goodwill to all males” is a rational tactic for mutual survival and overall healthiness. “Conscience” isn't the voice of God in guy, yet an developed, neurochemical, behavioral conditioning mechanism, deterring delinquent habit during the automated infliction of discomfort in line with malevolent recommendations or habit. “Fellow-feeling” is nature’s excitement gift for benevolence—an developed, neurochemical inducement to cooperate within the fight to outlive (Felt Morality). The evolution of the human mind makes it possible for the extension of benevolence past the extent possible via emotions by myself (Thought Morality): • “Good” makes sense Self-Interest—the skill of the rational brain to inhibit delinquent impulses within the pursuits of utmost survivability and health. • “Bad” is silly Selfishness—the lack of ability of the brain to inhibit asocial impulses via lack of know-how of the self-defeating effects. The presence of delinquent “animal instincts” in our genetic programming doesn't justify malevolent habit. For the advanced, rational brain offers us the transhumanist manifesto 35 being able to inhibit “stupidly egocentric” impulses within the pursuits of mutual survivability and overall healthiness.

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