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By Paul Baker

Is the British press prejudiced opposed to Muslims? In what methods can prejudice be particular or refined? This ebook makes use of a close research of over one hundred forty million phrases of newspaper articles on Muslims and Islam, combining corpus linguistics and discourse research easy methods to produce an goal photo of media attitudes. The authors examine representations round often stated themes reminiscent of Muslim ladies who put on the veil and 'hate preachers'. The research is self-reflexive and multidisciplinary, incorporating examine on journalistic practices, readership styles and angle surveys to reply to questions which come with: what do reporters suggest after they use words like 'devout Muslim' and the way did the 9-11 and 7/7 assaults have an effect on press reporting? it is a stimulating and targeted booklet for these operating in fields of discourse research and corpus linguistics, whereas transparent reasons of linguistic terminology make it useful to these within the fields of politics, media experiences, journalism and Islamic stories.

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One other shared verb is appease, that's used to consult enthusiasts, extremists, fundamentalists and hardliners. This verb usually happens in political remark that's severe of the British govt: 156 What’s a religious Muslim? methods of believing desk 6. three be aware cartoon of maximum trust phrases severe trust be aware enthusiast extremist militant fundamentalist separatist radical hardliner firebrand Adjectives Verbs (subject) Verbs (object) murderous, Islamic, Muslim, non secular, home-grown, evil, suicidal, fundamentalist, ruthless, hate-filled Islamic, Muslim, violent, suspected, right-wing, spiritual, homegrown, far-right, Algerian, animal Islamic, suspected, Palestinian, Hamas, Kashmiri, sought after, dependable, armed, alleged, Pakistani Islamic, Christian, Muslim, spiritual, reluctant, Protestant, crazed, fanatical, severe, Algerian Basque, Kashmiri, Kurdish, Tamil, Flemish, Croat, Sikh, Albanian, suspected, Muslim Islamic, British-based, left-wing, non-violent, suspected, homegrown, Islamist, Muslim, anti-Western, so-called embattled, unelected, incumbent, clerical, Iranian, Croat, Hamas, unswerving, livid, outspoken left-wing, one-eyed, Unionist, populist, one-time, bearded, socialist, far-right, clerical, Protestant brainwash, plot, behead, plan, abuse, hate, hold forth, goal, hijack, rant brainwash, deport, appease, defeat, worry, lessen, isolate, hyperlink, model, arrange goal, brainwash, infiltrate, plot, hijack, hold forth, make the most, homicide, plan, pose fireplace, kidnap, typhoon, assault, threaten, grab, behead, goal, bomb, ambush infiltrate, item, want, favour, pontificate, hate, aim, threaten, salary, make the most function, grab, attempt, struggle, threaten, search, wish, commence, declare, name isolate, deport, take on, hyperlink, suspect, be sure, prosecute, appease, defeat, confront suspect, hyperlink, gap, arrest, arm, assassinate, blame, masks, kill, disarm poise, appease, anger, offend, disenchanted, gas, oppose, hyperlink, criticise, suspect blame, weigh down, defeat, suspect, motivate, help, struggle, accuse, subscribe to, comprise brainwash, plot, hold forth, make the most, effect, recruit, hijack, kidnap, pose, wish deport, inflame, counter, confirm, suspect, take on, reformatory, confront, examine, invite wield, regulate, oppose, make the most, dominate, best friend, block, try out, worry, change endanger, head, release, aid, lead, run, inform appease, embolden, anger, galvanise, infuriate, enhance, isolate, alienate, allow, oppose – Ways of representing severe trust 157 Hasn’t Britain certainly develop into, within the phrases of Nile Gardiner of the background beginning, ‘a hornets’ nest of Islamic extremists’? How have we allow this turn up? a lot of the reply lies in our specialists’ spineless refusal to confront Islamic extremism for worry of being inspiration anti-Muslim. american citizens gape in disbelief whilst our senior policemen’s first response to each terrorist atrocity is to aim to assuage non secular extremists. Or whilst Ministers hire apologists for terrorism as distinctive advisers on the international workplace (Daily Mail, 30 August 2006).

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