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By Grand Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum Satmar Rebbe

Hasidic Teachings on Sefer Bemidbar - the ebook of Numbers, through his holiness, Grand Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum, the Satmar Rebbe, zy"a, (1887-1979) chosen from his e-book Divrei Yoel, translated from Hebrew to English. modern Hasidic Bible statement.

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We will be able to clarify this in keeping with what's taught within the holy e-book Agra D'Kallah, (Parshas Lech Lecha), at the verse "And i'll identify my covenant with Isaac", to which the Midrash teaches "Rabbi Abba acknowledged that from right here you could study that if the son of the maidservant is blessed, than the entire extra so the son of the mistress of the home. by way of Ishmael is it written 'behold, i've got blessed him and that i increases him', hence we will say all of the extra so 'I will determine my covenant with Isaac'. " until eventually listed here are the phrases of the Midrash. we now have already quoted the Agra D'Kallah's phrases again and again right here, and a short precis of his phrases are that if, God forbid, the Jewish everyone is unfit in their personal accord, they are going to be stored through the ability of this "all the extra so" argument, that may be expounded from the Torah, to claim that the Jewish everyone is owed kindness and goodness from God. this is argued "all the extra so" from the luck and greatness of Ishmael. See there. it's attainable that this is often the cause in the back of the phrases "And Moab was once bothered", which Rashi explains "bothered by means of their very lives" "because of the kids of Israel", simply because via their lives they're going to draw down kindness and goodness to the Jewish humans via this "all the extra so" argument, (because if the heathens are profitable, the entire extra so the Jews should still be). yet as a result of the large wickedness of the Moabites, they're disgusted and repulsed via their own lives, simply because they decline their very own lives to reason goodness to sprout for the Jewish humans. (Divrei Yoel) PARSHAS PINCHAS "When he used to be zealous for the sake of My zeal" it truly is brought up within the Midrash that "he took his pay with justice". we will be able to clarify this in keeping with what's taught within the holy booklet Noam Elimelech, to give an explanation for the Scripture "when he was once zealous for the sake of My zeal... and that i didn't smash the youngsters of Israel", that once there's judgment less than, there's no judgment Above, this is often the that means of "he used to be zealous for My zeal, and that i didn't spoil them", simply because via Phineas executing judgment upon them less than, "I didn't wreck them", simply because he triggered an awakening of God's large Mercy upon them. till listed here are the phrases of the Noam Elimelech. this can be how we will be able to clarify the phrases of the Midrash that "he took his cost with justice", that once the characteristic of strict justice is robust on this planet, may well God store us in His Mercy, it's very tricky for one to obtain his simply rewards, simply because there's a prosecutor pushing again via strict judgment. yet, seeing that Phineas made finished the judgment himself, he woke up the characteristic of Mercy on this planet, because "when there's judgment lower than there is not any judgment Above". therefore, even the powers of justice agreed that Phineas had earned his present. this is often what's intended via "he took his fee with justice", that even the characteristic of strict justice gave Phineas his present. (Divrei Yoel) "May the Lord, the God of the spirits of all flesh, employ a guy over the congregation who will move forth sooner than them and are available in ahead of them.

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