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By Kenneth C. Davis

what's an Egyptian pyramid doing at the U. S. buck invoice?
Did a pharaoh encourage Moses to worship one God?
What’s a Canaanite demoness doing at a rock live performance?

because the starting of time, humans were insatiably curious. They’ve requested questions on the place we come from, why the celebrities shine and the seasons swap, and what constitutes evil. The imaginitive solutions crafted by means of our ancestors have served as faith, technology, philosophy, and well known literature. during this newest installment of the New York Times bestselling Don’t understand a lot About® sequence, Kenneth C. Davis introduces and explains the good myths of the area utilizing his attractive and delightfully irreverent question-and-answer type. He tackles the epic of Gilgamesh; Achilles and the Trojan warfare; Stonehenge and the Druids; Odin, Thor, and the total Norse pantheon; local American myths, and lots more and plenty extra, together with the dramatic lifestyles and instances of the guy who will be Buddha. From Mount Olympus to Machu Picchu, this is an insightful, vigorous examine the best tales ever instructed.


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814 origin of Carthage, Phoenician colony in North Africa. 753 conventional date of the founding of Rome. 747 Rule of Egypt by means of Nubians. 671 Assyrian king Esarhaddon assaults Egypt, captures Memphis, sacks Thebes, and leaves vassal rulers accountable. c. 670 creation of iron operating. overdue interval 664–332 664 Egypt regains independence from Assyria. 525 Persian military led via Cambyses occupies Egypt, which turns into a part of the Persian Empire. 490 The conflict of Marathon marks the start of the Persian Wars among Greece and Persia. 457 The Golden Age of Athens below Pericles. 450 Greek historian Herodotus visits Egypt and describes customs and background, occasionally relatively fancifully, within the Histories. Ptolemaic interval 332–30 332 Alexander the nice conquers Egypt; founds the town of Alexandria. 323 dying of Alexander the good. 305 Ptolemy I Soter, one in every of Alexander’s Greek generals, turns into king of Egypt; adapts pharaonic titles and Egyptian worship. 290 In Alexandria, Euclid units out ideas of geometry in parts. 250–100 In Alexandria, Hebrew spiritual texts are translated into Greek, the model of the previous testomony often called the Septuagint. c. two hundred Alexandria is the clinical capital of the realm, famed for its museum, library, and collage. 146 Rome conquers and destroys Carthage. forty nine Roman civil warfare. Julius Caesar in Egypt with Cleopatra. forty six Caesar returns to Rome with Cleopatra as his mistress and is made dictator of Rome. forty four Cleopatra murders Ptolemy XIV, coruler of Egypt. Julius Caesar assassinated within the Roman Senate. forty-one Marc Antony meets Cleopatra and follows her to Egypt. 31 conflict of Actium; Octavian defeats Marc Antony. 30 Deaths of Marc Antony and Cleopatra; annexation of Egypt by means of Rome. four loss of life of King Herod; broadly accredited date of start of Jesus. For the subsequent 5 centuries, Egypt remained a province of the Roman Empire. however the upward thrust of Christianity, and later the ascendancy of Islam within the Arab global, marked the ultimate finish of the outdated religions of Egypt. based on Christian lore, St. Mark, a Christian missionary, based the Egyptian (Coptic) church in Alexandria round forty CE. town, which already had a wide neighborhood of Jews, quickly additionally built a thriving Christian group. in the course of the early years of the Christian Church, the bishops of Alexandria exercised huge, immense effect in defining Christian ideals and practices. Following the conversion of the Roman Empire to Christianity lower than Emperor Constantine in 313 CE, the Roman emperor Theodosius ordered the remaining of all pagan temples in the course of the empire in 383 CE. Later imperial decrees through Theodosius and Emperor Valentinian in 435 CE referred to as for the whole destruction of those temples, a lot of them changed with Christian church buildings or shrines. (This used to be additionally the destiny of the Olympian temples in Greece, web site of the Olympic video games for greater than 1,200 years. ) Vestiges of the previous Egyptian faith have been approved to proceed in Egypt, even supposing Christianity was once now the reputable faith in Egypt. because the Roman Empire went into its decline, Arab armies claimed Egypt and brought Islam.

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