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Imam Sadiq (pbuh) is a brilliant educational character which the human background has come to understand. He has complex this nice tremendous (amount) of confident and powerful contributions, within the curiosity of carrier to humanity and the development of civilization. corresponding to, and certainly he has [contributed to], improving off the Islamic mind through what he propogated of the categories of sciences packed with basics of existence. and likewise to that, the bright highbrow treasures, and that that is thought of to be the pillar of the tutorial revival to his period. So the Imam (pbuh) has left for us a set of the visions transmitted from him concerning his interpretations of goals. in order that there's [a e-book] by way of Imam Sadiq (pbuh) of Dream Interpretations particularly by way of him, that's circulating one of the humans and to a close-by age.

And the truth is e-book particular for this topic used to be no longer supplied through the Imam (pbuh). relatively it used to be upon our collecting of visions ascribed to the Imam, we stumbled on a wide assortment from those visions within the booklet (Ta’ateer AlAnam) through Nablusi, and of which the writer backing [the chain of narrations] is Imam Ja’afer AlSadiq is from a booklet ascribed to him referred to as (Biltaqseem(By Distribution)). And the writer cites in his booklet: (And i've got accepted) touching on that upon the major books and the revered Sheikhs’ perspectives similar to: necessities by means of Daniel AlHakeem, and the ebook the Distribution through Ja’afer AlSadiq, and the e-book the Compilers by means of Muhammed bin Seereen.

And we cherish the reader after we position earlier than you this publication that we ask our grasp, compliment and Glory to Him, to furnish the great of His attractiveness. And finally our supplication is that every one compliment is because of Allah, Lord of the worlds.



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Ant: is upon four aspects: humans of a home, family, staff & wealth. Letter: Haa’ (ه) Mash(Hareesa) (dish made of mashed grains): whoever sees himself consuming hareesa with sheep meat [in it], then that shows the buying of blessing and assembly of wishes. Hoopoe [bird]: interpreted upon four facets: information of a construction, elevation of value, victory, realizing. Howdah (seat for driving at the again of a camel or elephant): elevation of significance, glory, rank, management & excessive rank, guardianship, touch with the superiors. Letter: Waaw (و) Roses [plant]: interpreted upon 6 aspects: appealing baby, good friend, guy that's undesirable in endeavour/liviness, he has no loyalty, younger lady & sturdy boy. And for the lady it's a solid marriage & an absent book/message. Pillow/Cushion: a imaginative and prescient of a pillow is interpreted upon five aspects: [male] servant, younger woman & management, natural faith, devotion/piety. Minister: whoever sees that the minister has bestowed honors upon him, four issues are interpreted from it: buying of the office/ministry to whoever used to be from its humans if he sees his eye become a moon. and also [such] if he sees the fraud of Baghdad, or he sees a king has tied his waist, or he gave him an inkstand, or he sees one of many 4 partners dealing with him. Giving beginning: whover sees herself giving beginning to a son and he speaks together with her quickly after, then it exhibits her loss of life. And if she sees herself giving delivery to a woman, and he or she talks along with her quickly after, then Allah the AllMighty will supply her a son who will dominate his state. Letter: Yaa’ (ي) Jews: a imaginative and prescient of Jews is [interpreted as] the rationalization of a complicated topic, the supply of a Hujja, energy of hand within the Sunnah, and the Islamic legislations, as the observe Jews is derived from [the observe] counsel. (Jews=Yahuud, Guidance=Hadya). www. feedbooks.

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