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By C. G. Jung, Károly Kerényi

One other monograph within the Bollingen sequence. in addition to the full works of Jung, Bollingen publishes monographs devoted to arts, tradition and philosophy.

Essays on a technology of Mythology is a cooperative paintings among C. Kerényi, who has been referred to as "the so much mental of mythologists," and C. G. Jung, who has been referred to as "the so much mythological of psychologists." Kerényi contributes an essay at the Divine baby and one at the Kore (the Maiden), including a considerable advent and end. Jung contributes a mental statement on each one essay. either males was hoping, via their collaboration, to raise the examine of mythology to the prestige of a science.

In "The Primordial baby in Primordial Times" Kerényi treats the child-God as an everlasting and important determine in Greek, Norse, Finnish, Etruscan, and Judeo-Christian mythology. He discusses the Kore as Athena, Artemis, Hecate, and Demeter-Persephone, the mother-daughter of the Eleusinian mysteries. Jung speaks of the Divine baby and the Maiden as residing mental realities that supply carrying on with that means in people's lives.

The investigations of C. Kerényi are persevered in a later research, Eleusis: Archetypal photograph of mom and Daughter (Princeton).


"There is an abundance of attention-grabbing and infrequently suggestive element . . . and past all this there's the indisputable value and fascination of the query of the archetypes which Jung places ahead of us."--Sewanee evaluation

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So it truly is with the first goddess, who may perhaps both good be referred to as Hecate. In her Persephone element she belongs to the Greek suggestion of n. ot-being;76 in her Demeter point she is a Hellenic type of the belief of the All-Mother. these folks who're prone to treat the Greek divinities as unmixed forms needs to, to that end, accustom themselves to the duality of 2 essentially assorted goddesses. yet seventy four right here, with Cornford, Nilsson (p. 108) iinds the reason of the Persephone fable. seventy five H. Diels, Sibylliniscbe Blatter (Berlin, 1890), p. forty. seventy six Kerenyi, Die antike faith, pp. 220 if. they have to additionally become aware of that the assumption of not-being in Greek faith types the root-aspect of being. seventy seven This recognition will permit them to appreciate. the deep-rooted identification of these assorted and but so heavily attached figures. these, however, who don't incline to this view are tempted to imagine a superficial and next merging of 2 initially self sustaining goddesses. For this next merging there's after all no facts no matter what, and the connexion among the goddesses is whatever yet superficial. within the very position the place, based on smooth assumptions, this "superficial" connexion is meant to were made, particularly Eleusis, we see how in detail the Kore and Demeter are in truth attached. The daughter as a goddess initially relatively self reliant of her mom is unthinkable; yet what's thinkable, as we will see, is the unique identification of mom and daughter. Persephone's entire being is summed up in an incident that's straight away the tale of Demeter's personal sufferings. The daughter's being is printed like a flash in her mother's, in basic terms to be snuffed out the subsequent second: turns over around the bend of the parabola of curved flight, sinks, and is long gone . ... The Kore who seems to be with Demeter is analogous with the Hebe who looks with the good goddess Hera. In historical Arcadia78 Hera had 3 types: maiden (Jtai~), fulfilled girl (n3AELa), and girl of sorrows (X~~l(). ). As 1:BAsta she has in Hebe her personal Kel'enyi, Dionysos ztnd das Tragische in der Antigone (Frankfurt am major, 1935), p. ro. 781n Stymphalus; Pausanias, VllI, n. seventy one 168 maiden self, "HQu nat£" for consistent significant other. 70 that's the static or plastic method of placing what's informed in dynamic mythological shape within the tale of Hera rising from her bathtub within the spring Kanathos ever back as a virgin. 8o As Hebe's mom she continuously has Hebe in herself; and as X~Qa she is endowed with features that remind us of the grieving and recriminatory Demeter. The comparability with Hera and hcr daughtcr might be allowed to face as a trifling analogy, and the query of whether or not they are either to be considered as advancements of an identical mythological proposal might be left undiscussed. Archaic Demeter figures are bright evidence that they consistently comprise their very own maiden shape. Arcadia used to be conversant in such Demeters, or relatively w"ith one who had names: a dismal, age-old goddess whose sour rancour makes her relations either to the "HQa.

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