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By Maria J. Falco

Diplomat, bureaucrat, and functional flesh presser, Niccolò Machiavelli served as moment Secretary to the Republic of Florence within the early 16th century and have become the 1st significant political philosopher within the western culture to make an entire holiday with the Aristotelian version of politics as a department of ethics. whereas The Prince is his most famed paintings, grounding his acceptance because the progenitor of "Realpolitik," his many different writings have contributed to a extra advanced and broader snapshot of the fellow and his political suggestion. hence lately Machiavelli has grow to be obvious as a republican and a proto-liberal by means of a few mainstream political theorists, and as an obfuscator of conventional values and ideologies, together with gender roles, via feminists and non-feminists alike.

The individuals to this quantity, grappling with questions about the location of ladies in political society, examine even if Machiavelli used to be really a misogynist and a proto-fascist or in its place a proto-feminist and a democratic republican. one of the issues they discover are the results of such dichotomies as Fortuna and virtù, the general public and the personal, nature and cause, ends and capability, performance and the typical stable, in addition to the significance of the army to the socialization of voters, quite girls, to civic lifestyles, and the social development of gender. a number of the participants even examine the chance that Machiavelli's method of ethics offers a distinct perception that feminists, and girls as a rule, may possibly discover to their benefit.

Besides the editor, the participants are Wendy Brown, Jane Jaquette, Donald McIntosh, Melissa Matthes, Vesna Marcina, Martin Morris, Cary Nederman, Andrea Nicki, Mary O'Brien, Hanna Pitkin, Arlene Saxonhouse, John Shin, R. Claire Snyder, and Catherine Zuckert

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