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By Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman

Abarrach, the world of stone. right here, on a barren  world of underground caverns outfitted round a middle of  molten lava, the lesser races -- people, elves,  and dwarves -- appear to have all died off. right here, too,  what could be the final remnants of the once  powerful Sartan nonetheless fight to outlive. For Haplo  and Alfred -- enemies by way of historical past, traveling  companions by means of necessity -- Abarrach could display extra than  either dares to find concerning the heritage of  Sartan... and the way forward for all their descendants.

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That was once how Haplo’s first journey via Death’s Gate had ended. Making his approach ahead as swiftly as attainable, tossed backward and forward by way of the erratic movement of the heaving send, Haplo turned conscious of a lurid glow lights the darkness round him. The temperature was once expanding, turning out to be warmer, a lot warmer. The runes on his pores and skin started to glow a faint blue, his body’s magic reacting instinctively to minimize his temperature to a secure point. may perhaps his send be on hearth? Haplo scoffed on the inspiration. He had handed properly in the course of the suns of Pryan; the runes may so much veritably defend opposed to flame! yet there has been no denying the truth that the crimson glow used to be burning brighter, the temperature starting to be hotter. Haplo quickened his velocity. rising onto the bridge with a few hassle, as a result of the lurching of the vessel, the Patryn stopped and stared, amazement and surprise paralyzing him. His send used to be crusing, with remarkable velocity, down a river of molten lava. an enormous circulation of sparkling purple tinged with flame yellow surged and swirled round the vessel. Darkness arched above him, made darker against this to the lurid gentle of the magma move less than. He was once in a big cavern. substantial columns of black rock, round which the lava curled and eddied, soared upward, assisting a ceiling of stone. Numberless stalactites hung down, attaining for him like bony, greedy arms, their polished floor reflecting the hellish pink of the river of fireplace underneath them. The send veered this manner and that. large stalagmites, with depraved, sword-sharp edges, thrust up from the molten sea like black the teeth from a purple maw. Haplo understood what had prompted the crashes they’d formerly skilled. Jolted to motion, he moved ahead and put his fingers at the steerage stone, reacting through intuition greater than by means of unsleeping idea, his gaze riveted with horrid fascination at the dreadful panorama into which he sailed. “Blessed Sartan! ” murmured a voice in the back of him. “What frightful position is that this? ” Haplo spared Alfred a short look. “Your humans made it,” he advised him. “Dog, watch him. ” The puppy had obediently herded and harried Alfred to date via nipping on the man’s heels. It plopped itself down at the deck, panting within the warmth, solving its clever eyes at the Sartan. Alfred took a breakthrough. The animal growled, its tail thumped warningly opposed to the deck. I’ve not anything opposed to you individually, the puppy could have been announcing from its expression, yet orders are orders. Alfred gulped and iced up, leaned weakly opposed to the bulkhead. “Where … the place are we? ” he repeated in a faint voice. “Abarrach. ” “The global of stone. was once this your vacation spot? ” “Of direction! What did you are expecting? That I’m as clumsy as you? ” Alfred was once silent, eyes staring out at the lousy landscape. “So you're vacationing all of the worlds? ” he acknowledged at size. Haplo didn’t see any this is because he should still solution and so he saved quiet and targeting his guidance. It deserved focus. the large boulders sprang up unexpectedly, suddenly. He thought of taking to the air, yet determined opposed to it.

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