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By Andrew Collins

Presents convincing proof that angels, demons, and fallen angels have been flesh-and-blood contributors of a large race predating humanity, spoken of within the Bible because the Nephilim.

• shows that the earthly paradise of Eden was once a realm within the mountains of Kurdistan.

• by way of the writer of Gateway to Atlantis.

Our mythology describes how beings of serious good looks and intelligence, who served as messengers of gods, fell from grace via satisfaction. those angels, often referred to as Watchers, are spoken of within the Bible and different spiritual texts as lusting after human girls, who lay with them and gave beginning to massive offspring referred to as the Nephilim. those non secular assets additionally checklist how those beings published forbidden arts and sciences to humanity--transgressions that resulted in their destruction within the nice Flood.

Andrew Collins finds that those angels, demons, and fallen angels have been flesh-and-blood individuals of a race predating our personal. He deals facts that they lived in Egypt (prior to the traditional Egyptians), the place they outfitted the Sphinx and different megalithic monuments, prior to leaving the zone for what's now jap Turkey following the cataclysms that followed the final Ice Age. right here they lived in isolation prior to steadily setting up touch with the constructing human societies of the Mesopotamian plains under. Humanity looked those angels--described as tall, white-haired beings with viperlike faces and burning eyes--as gods and their realm the paradise in which grew the tree of information. Andrew Collins demonstrates how the legends at the back of the autumn of the Watchers echo the light reminiscence of tangible historic occasions and that the legacy they've got left humanity is one we will be able to come up with the money for to disregard in basic terms at our personal peril.

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Extra importantly, the Yezidi holy ebook, that's inspiration to this point in its current shape to the 13th century advert, states that the 1st identify of the Peacock Angel were 'Aztizil, an Arabic rendering of Azazel, one of many leaders of the. Watchers in Judaeo-Christian apocrypha. Yezidis have tried to comprise their very own constrained, and infrequently contradictory, wisdom and knowing of the Peacock Angel in the Islamic account of the autumn of Azazel, or Eblis. in accordance with the Koran, the Fallen Angel used to be outcast through God for having refused to bow down sooner than Adam, the creature made up of clay, considering that he himself were born of fireplace. within the conventional rendition of the tale, Azazel is doomed to stroll the earth forever, yet in keeping with the Yezidi model, GodjOrgave Azazel, who was once then reinstated in Heaven. The Peacock Angel is surely visible by way of the Yezidi tribes as a kind of devil, or Shaittin as he's identified in Arabic, because each THE PEACOCK ANGEL attempt is made let alone this identify out aloud. Fail to take action and the perpetrator will be struck blind. This fanatical angle is going as far as banning using phrases that even sound like Shaitan. moreover, nobody is permitted to make a curse within the identify of Shaitan, until it's out of earshot of neighbours and is directed at these no longer of the religion. three just like the Zoroastrians and the useless Sea groups of postexilic Judaea, the angelicans of Kurdistan have regularly respected entire pantheons of yazatas, or angels. And in related with those different angel worshippers, the Yezidi carry team of 7, occasionally six, head the angelic hierarchy - those, in fact, should be equated with either the Iranian thought of the Amesha Spentas and the Judaeo-Christian trust in seven archangels. The chief of the most Yezidi team of angels is Lasifarus, a cosmic incarnation of Melek Taus, who's in particular acknowledged to talk Kurdish, as though to illustrate his indigenous nature. four students have tried to attach his identify with Lucifer, the Christian type of devil, which turns out hugely possible certainly. the remainder of the seven angels are given common Christian-Islamic names akin to Jebra 'il (Gabriel), Mika'il (Michael), Ezra'il (Azrael) and Esrafil (Raphael). one other angelic hierarchy of the Yezidi are the Chehelmir, or Chelmir, who quantity 40. All this used to be, in fact, rather unknown to Layard as he sat with the present Yezidi chief Hussein Bey in his salamlik. He used to be the son of 1 of the best sheikhs in their tribes, Ali Bey, who had defended their humans opposed to numerous assaults from Kurdish Muslims, the Ottoman Turks, in addition to the Islamic armies of either Iraq and Iran. relatively evidently they observed the Yezidis as not only infidel, yet as heretics par excellence, healthy basically to be burnt up thoroughly until they renounced their religion and have become Muslims themselves. In previous centuries the Yezidis have been very strong, overlaying huge parts in every single place Kurdistan, yet slowly their tribes have been persecuted and destroyed till there have been now in simple terms remoted teams left within the Iraqi and Turkish foothills of Kurdistan, in addition to extra south within the neighborhood of Jebel Sinjar, a solitary mountain within the Iraqi wasteland, whose identify interprets because the mountain of the 'bird'.

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