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By Michael Kortes

The ruined pyramid tombs of the traditional emperor-gods of Osirion are eventually open to exploration and the race is directly to plumb their depths and rescue their helpful treasures. Entombed with the Pharaohs is a desolate tract experience for mid-level characters, appropriate with the world's most well liked myth roleplaying online game, and a part of the GameMastery module line. the journey comprises details at the urban of Sothis and the traditional tomb that lies within sight, in addition to information on rival adventurers bent on attending to the treasure first. GameMastery Modules additionally comprise 4 pre-made characters so gamers can bounce correct into the motion and full-color maps and handouts to augment play. Do your heroes have the desire and the wits to outlive the pyramid-tomb of the pharaohs and the energy to fend off the hoard of treasure-seekers sizzling on their path?

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As penance for his traitorous try and magically sever his loss of life pact with the opposite 3 pharaohs of their ultimate days, his corpse was once conscientiously disemboweled and his entrails separated into 263 items (a volume of everlasting imperfection in keeping with the sacred geometry of the Pharaoh of Numbers). The partitioned is still now soak in the fifty six canopic jars that line this room, floating in an old, transparent embalming fluid. If the desktops, whereas during this room, communicate the Fiend Pharaoh’s identify or unseal a unmarried lid of any of the jars, Hetshepsu’s entrails spring to motion, bursting loose from each box. The Fiend Pharaoh’s intestines and organs shape 3 separate undead swarms, each one dripping with preservatives in addition to Hetshepsu’s festering hate. The Curse of the Encircled Runes A effective curse protects the pyramid of the 4 Pharaohs of Ascension: unwary invaders are condemned to undeath, conscripted to develop into the tomb’s tireless guardians. Sprinkled through the pyramid are numerous copies of 4 ominous symbols, each representing one of many 4 pharaohs. an analogous loss of life ring—the round glyph representing undeath— overlays each one person image. according to the sadistically gamesome spirit of the pharaohs, the encircled runes hardly look in undeniable sight. as a substitute, the symbols are extra usually hidden within the deeper recesses of the tomb. separately, the symbols are innocuous, yet a person who perspectives all 4 encircled sigils is beset via a curse. someone who sees all 4 encircled runes needs to make an instantaneous DC 20 Will retailer. a personality who fails this roll is reworked right into a decayed monster, gaining the Osirion mummy template (see Appendix 3). The curse strips its sufferers of unfastened will, in its place growing everlasting guardians tasked with destroying all residing invaders contained in the tomb. As such, participant characters plagued by the Offense Spd 20 toes. , climb 15 toes. Melee swarm (2d6 plus clinging elements) area 10 feet. ; achieve zero feet. precise assaults clinging components, distraction (DC 15) strategies in the course of wrestle The embalmed swarms instantly assault, pursuing the desktops relentlessly till destroyed. Morale The swarms struggle until eventually destroyed. records Embalmed Swarm of Organs (3) CR four NE Tiny undead (swarm) Init +4; Senses darkvision 60 feet. ; hear +10, Spot +10 air of secrecy unsettling presence 30 toes. (DC 15) safeguard AC sixteen, contact sixteen, flat-footed 12 (+4 Dex, +2 dimension) hp forty five (7d12) citadel +2, Ref +6, Will +7 protecting talents part harm from slashing and piercing guns; DR 5/slashing; Immune swarm characteristics, undead features; withstand chilly five, electrical energy five, fireplace five weak point acid vulnerability Str five, Dex 19, Con —, Int 15, Wis 10, Cha eleven Base Atk +3; Grp — Feats skill concentration (distraction), skill concentration (unsettling presence), Iron Will abilities Climb +15, conceal +14, leap +7, circulation Silently +14 equipment one of many 3 swarms has a hoop of counterspells (magic missile) curse develop into NPCs lower than GM keep an eye on. Defeating all 4 pharaohs throughout the process the journey frees cursed characters, who then turn into free-willed undead.

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