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By Tim Hitchcock

Whilst a close-by dungeon starts to cough out hordes of the hungry lifeless, a band of heroes is termed as much as repel the threat prior to the within sight city is actually swallowed up by means of the tide. Will somebody have the ability to cease this grim ceremonial dinner? Hungry are the useless is a dungeon event set within the Pathfinder Chronicles atmosphere, and is appropriate for mid-level characters.

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Those creatures will prey on wooded area animals, the logging camps, or even Falcon’s hole except they're slain or pushed off. If Lucimar survives and Drazmorg is killed, the worgnecromancer siphons what energy he can from the damaged Seal. He makes use of this power to change his physique into whatever extra important, turning into a creature corresponding to an undead, hybrid-form werewolf whereas nonetheless conserving the power to strategies ahead of strive against Lucimar attempts to have fake lifestyles and mage armor solid on his individual up to attainable (the copies of those spells within the above spell checklist are as well as those he already cast). If he expects a struggle, he casts defend. in the course of strive against Lucimar initiates wrestle with an empowered fireball and (if time) an enervation or , hoping to weaken competitors prior to carrying out actual assaults. each time attainable, he complements his chew assault with spells comparable to empowered ghoul contact. If wounded he makes use of vampiric contact to regain hit issues on his subsequent assault. Morale Lucimar is bent on seizing the vault. If the computers weigh down him ahead of the journey, he begs for his lifestyles, delivering to help them with what he can and flees firstly chance. If dealing with the desktops after their struggle with Drazmorg, Lucimar fights till he has 10 hit issues or much less, at which aspect he attempts to exploit measurement door to break out. If avoided from escaping, he pretends to shake off the adverse strength and achieve keep watch over of himself back, at 28 Hungry are the lifeless use a worg-like shape. as soon as he has a form superior for humanoid equipment, he salvages what gear he can from the Vault and kobold lair, then starts making plans an appropriate revenge opposed to Yras Nine-Eyes, his rival on the Academae who compelled him into worg shape. Yras is a mage of a few reputation and should be a gift or destiny enemy, touch, or mentor of the computers in a roundabout way. If the desktops are pleasant to Yras, Lucimar’s makes an attempt to kill him could be an experience hook, possibly beginning with Lucimar interrupting a gathering with the desktops to unharness a few poor spell. simply because he can flow approximately speedy with measurement door (and later teleport, as he and the computers enhance in level), Lucimar could be a ordinary villain, displaying up simply lengthy sufficient to irritate the computers via killing a key touch or stealing a necessary necromantic merchandise. word that until the computers attacked him for no cause outdoors the Vault, Lucimar doesn’t endure the desktops any in poor health will, and unearths their common crossing of paths a laugh. If faced approximately his tale of being a “simple woke up animal corrupted by means of necromancy,” he admits he used to be mendacity yet commends the desktops on their good fortune, and as there has been no damage performed to each side he's keen to permit bygones be bygones. He will also develop into an enormous touch for the desktops on the Academae, assuming they don’t brain doing company with an evil, mostrous, undead necromancer. If the computers intentionally and always intervene in his vengeance opposed to Yras or in his later plans (which, like so much necromancers, consists of buying magical loot, development a small military of undead, and claiming a bit of territory somewhere).

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