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By Kevin Crawford

Demanding mild takes a band of younger adventurers to a process blazing with the murderous gentle of a crimson substantial superstar. The hard-bitten novium miners of the Brightside mining station hold the single outpost of civilization in a method packed with deadly gentle and stellar outlaws at the run. Will the gamers locate the riches of the traditional asteroid sky tombs and their alien makers, or will they fall prey to the seething uprising that boils underneath Brightside Station's metal dermis? discover during this event for the celebrities with out quantity roleplaying game.

* comprises maps and body of workers writeups for Brightside Station, a novium mining outpost soaring at the darkish part of a molten planetoid.

* Maps and contents for 3 fully-developed sky tombs and their enigmatic occupants.

* Outlines the sinister machinations happening at the station, and possibilities for desktops to entangle themselves within the mining outpost's final fate.

* provides information at the long-forgotten alien creators of the sky tombs and the doom that passed off their civilization.

* offers info on a variety of unique alien know-how for plunder or disastrous misuse.

* incorporates a web page of mini-geomorphs and a random new release approach for growing as many sky tombs as your gamers dare explore.

* not easy mild is meant for 4-6 computers of degrees 1-3, and is robotically appropriate with so much vintage retroclones.

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If the dataslab is stolen or destroyed, Lomax can have no evidence, and be not able to offer the proof to the auditor. whether the slab is just stolen and never destroyed, his frustration will weigh down his persistence. For no matter what cause, if Lomax isn't appearing director by the point the delivery send leaves, he’ll release an open uprising. purely his hard-core supporters one of the miners will fght for him. Okoye, Bellows, Tomlinson, and Rochambeau haven't any purpose of having in a gunfght. some of Dutta’s supporters may fght again, yet they’re mostly armed in basic terms with improvised weaponry. Livingston Roy and the safety stafers might be his major competitors, as will Suyin Indrani, who's an strangely sturdy shot herself. Marion and Ranse Hardlee will simply are looking to retain their heads down. If Lomax defeats Dutta’s supporters in open wrestle, issues will degenerate even more swiftly. Lomax might want to produce large quantities of novium to persuade the financial institution to just accept this fait accompli, and people who didn't fght for him should be enslaved by way of those that did. Copious examples could be made from resisters, and inside of a 12 months the station may have collapsed into bloody anarchy. 31 nothing yet difficulty Lomax’s machinations and the mysteries of the sky tombs are all valuable diversions for computers, however it can sometimes be difficult getting them excited by those events. integrated listed here are a couple of hooks for snaring desktops into the journey. • Livingston Roy is smitten with Jafa Okoye, yet she basically has eyes for Randall Bellows. Roy is confident that Bellows is as much as no stable, and attracts one of many computers apart to ofer three hundred credit for facts that Bellows is toying with Jafa’s afections. Arriving on Brightside Station • Dutta’s having hassle with the refnery apparatus, and it'll be months prior to a components request can exit at the subsequent delivery. Te elements the refnery wishes can most likely be scavenged from a mining send, yet Brightside Station doesn’t use manned mining boats, and hasn’t for fifty years. Te just one that used to be introduced in used to be deserted after a maneuver jet failure, and it’s nonetheless foating in the market in orbit round the Beast. Te frigate-sized approach send is now essentially sparkling with radioactivity, but when the computers exit there and navigate the rusting, radioactive, a bit of explosive inside to salvage the middle fltration module, Dutta can pay them 500 credit apiece and provides them loose room and board till the subsequent delivery comes. Tere are a couple of methods the characters can turn out on Brightside Station. Te default assumption of the journey is that computers don’t have entry to a boat in their personal, so with that during brain, listed below are a couple of how one can get them aboard the station: • Te computers are employed as protection staf for a novium delivery. whilst the send arrives at Brightside Station, numerous badly-injured miners must be taken of and the avid gamers are left at the back of to make room. Te delivery captain can provide them passage again at the ship’s subsequent journey, and arranges with Dutta to provide them loose room and board till then.

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