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The King James model from Zondervan is now on hand in an simply readable pew Bible. excellent for private use in addition to to be used in church buildings, the King James model huge Print Pew Bible is available in a robust binding at an enticing expense point.

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Sixteen He who blasphemes the identify of the LORD can be placed to loss of life; the entire congregation shall stone him; the sojourner in addition to the local, whilst he blasphemes the identify, might be placed to demise. 17 He who kills a guy will probably be placed to dying. 18 He who kills a beast shall make it sturdy, lifestyles for all times. 19 whilst a guy reasons a disfigurement in his neighbor, as he has performed it will probably be performed to him, 20 fracture for fracture, eye for eye, enamel for enamel; as he has disfigured a guy, he can be disfigured. 21 He who kills a beast shall make it solid; and he who kills a guy will be placed to dying. 22 You shall have one legislation for the sojourner and for the local; for i'm the LORD your God. " 23 So Moses spoke to the folks of Israel; and so they introduced him who had cursed out of the camp, and stoned him with stones. hence the folk of Israel did because the LORD commanded Moses. 1 The LORD acknowledged to Moses, 2 "Command the folk of Israel to convey you natural oil from crushed olives for the lamp, gentle can be stored burning regularly. three open air the veil of the testimony, within the tent of assembly, Aaron shall preserve it so as from night to morning earlier than the LORD continuously; it will likely be a statute for ever all through your generations. four He shall continue the lamps so as upon the lampstand of 24-karat gold sooner than the LORD continuously. five "And you shall take high-quality flour, and bake twelve truffles of it; tenths of an ephah will likely be in each one cake. 6 and also you shall set them in rows, six in a row, upon the desk of 24-karat gold. 7 and also you shall positioned natural frankincense with every one row, that it can opt for the bread as a memorial element to be provided by means of fireplace to the LORD. eight each sabbath day Aaron shall set it so as earlier than the LORD constantly on behalf of the folks of Israel as a covenant for ever. nine And it can be for Aaron and his sons, they usually shall devour it in a holy position, because it is for him a so much holy component out of the choices via fireplace to the LORD, a perpetual due. " 10 Now an Israelite woman's son, whose father used to be an Egyptian, went out one of the humans of Israel; and the Israelite woman's son and a guy of Israel quarreled within the camp, eleven and the Israelite woman's son blasphemed the identify, and cursed. and so they introduced him to Moses. His mother's identify used to be Shelo'mith, the daughter of Dibri, of the tribe of Dan. bankruptcy 25 1 The LORD stated to Moses on Mount Sinai, 2 "Say to the folks of Israel, should you come into the land which I provide you with, the land shall retain a 36 LEVITICUS ly to you; you shall consume what it yields out of the sector. thirteen "In this 12 months of jubilee every one of you shall go back to his estate. 14 And in case you promote on your neighbor or purchase out of your neighbor, you shall no longer mistaken each other. 15 based on the variety of years after the jubilee, you shall purchase out of your neighbor, and in accordance with the variety of years for vegetation he shall promote to you. sixteen If the years are many you shall bring up the associated fee, and if the years are few you shall cut back the associated fee, for it's the variety of the plants that he's promoting to you.

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