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By Francesca Simon

You will not think what Horrid Henry will do next!

Horrid Henry has discovered a brand new solution to scare everyone—his own monster motion picture. The Undead Demon Monster Who wouldn't Die goes to be a BIG hit! Plus 3 extra tremendous stories that may depart you screaming for more.

If you learn this, you are going to giggle so not easy milk may pop out of your nostril!
(Find out why hundreds of thousands of children world wide love Horrid Henry)

"Kids will love studying the laugh-out-loud humorous tales approximately a person whose habit is even worse than their own."—School Library Journal

"Will make you snort out loud."—Sunday Times

"A loveable undesirable boy."—People

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Henry,” acknowledged Dad. “You recognize we merely provide grump playing cards for incredibly sturdy habit. ” “But I by no means get one! ” howled Henry. ma and pa checked out one another. “And why do you think is? ” stated mother. “Because you’re suggest and unfair and the worst mom and dad on this planet! ” screamed Horrid Henry. What different cause may perhaps there be? A grump card was once valuable past gold and silver and rubies and diamonds. If mother or Dad concept you’d behaved absolutely spectacularly above and past the decision of accountability they gave you a grump card. A grump card intended which you can erase any destiny punishment. A grump card used to be a glittering, golden, get-out-of-jail-free price ticket. Horrid Henry had by no means had a grump card. simply imagine, if he had even one…if Dad used to be in the midst of telling him off, or banning him from the pc for per week, all Henry needed to do used to be hand him a grump card, and, like magic, the telling off might finish, the punishment will be erased, and Henry will be again at the computing device zapping baddies. Horrid Henry longed for a grump card. yet how may possibly he ever get one? Even Peter, who was once continually excellent, simply had seven. And he’d by no means even used a unmarried one. What a waste. What a complete waste. think what he may well do if he had a grump card…He may well scoff each candy and cookie and deal with in the home. He may overlook all approximately homework and watch television in its place. And better of all, if Dad ever attempted to prohibit him from the pc or mother shouted that he’d misplaced his allowance for a month, all Henry needed to do was once produce the magic card. What bliss. What heaven. What pleasure. yet how may perhaps Henry get a grump card? How? How? may he behave absolutely highly above and past the decision of responsibility? Horrid Henry thought of. Nah. That was once most unlikely. He’d as soon as spent an entire day being ideal, or even then had ended up being despatched to his room. So how else to get a grump card? thieve one? Hmmm. Tempting. Very tempting. He may perhaps sneak into Peter’s room, clutch a grump card or , then sneak out back. He may perhaps even alternative a faux grump card on the backside in case Peter spotted his stash used to be smaller. yet then Peter will be absolute to inform on him while Henry produced the golden price tag to freedom, and mum and dad will be so mad they’d most likely double his punishment and ban him from the pc for all times. Or he may possibly kidnap Fluff Puff, Peter’s favourite plastic sheep, and carry him for ransom. sure! after which whilst Peter had ransomed him again, Henry may perhaps scouse borrow him back. And back. until eventually all Peter’s grump playing cards have been his. convinced! He was once great. He used to be a genius. Why had he by no means considered this prior to? Except…if Peter advised on him, Henry had a terrible feeling that he may get into difficulty. large, titanic difficulty that no longer even a grump card may get him out of. Time to re-evaluate. might he change whatever for one? What did Henry have that Peter sought after? Comics? No. Chips? No. Killer Boy Rats CDs? No manner. Henry sighed. probably he may purchase one from Peter. regrettably, Horrid Henry by no means had any cash. no matter what pitiful allowance he ever had continually appeared to vanish via his arms.

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