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By Zainol Aabideen Qorbani Lahiji - XKP

In this publication, the writer first discusses what ethics basically is, and the perspectives of assorted philosophers and colleges of notion on it. After explaining the defects of those philosophies, he provides the view of Imam Ali [a] on ethics as derived from a long treatise that he composed.



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In order that i'll once more interact in love; What i've got look between humans, not anyone thinks approximately now, i discovered; each person is lower than the impression of illusions, not anyone had whatever other than sorrow; They don’t be aware of that, the current becomes prior lovely quickly. 20. Destroying the Provisions For The Hereafter And The Resurrection Day is a smart Loss those that envisage lifestyles merely because it is during this international and don't reflect on the opposite global, see man’s existence and dying as those pertain to the realm of beasts and that are materially decided. eighty The act of offering for the provisions for the subsequent global may appear imprecise and every now and then meaningless to those humans. eighty one yet those that don't restrict lifestyles span in basic terms to the existence the following and are of the conviction that we've got reworked from fabric section to the animal section and to the human country and eventually input a section referred to as the Hereafter or Resurrection Day. those phases have been performed with no our consent, notwithstanding. within the Hereafter we need to harvest what we now have planted during this international. And if this sort of day didn't exist, first the construction will be aimless; secondly, the shortcoming of the sort of day is in contradiction with God’s justice; thirdly, the risky nature of this global exhibits that "إِنَّ السَّاعَةَ آتِيَةٌ أَكَادُ أُخْفِيهَا لِتُجْزَى كُلُّ نَفْسٍ بِمَا تَسْعَى" "Surely the hour is coming. i'm approximately to make it appear in order that each soul will be rewarded because it strives". eighty two as a result, if an individual destroys the provisions of this unsafe manner and thinks of existence because it is the following during this global, he'll now not get pleasure from a real existence even the following simply because he has disobeyed God. eighty three because the Resurrection is inevitable and everyone may still see the results of his activities during this global, for that reason, as Imam ‘Ali (as) has warned us, we must always no longer interact in destroying the provisions for Hereafter by means of fallacious deeds and preserving mistaken ideology. this is able to be a very good loss. 21. each Affair Has An consequence certainly every one act has an final result. for that reason we must always act in this sort of manner as to get sturdy effects. this is often simply attainable in the course of the following methods: First, prior to conducting an act, see the result: whether it is solid, do it; otherwise, go away it. a guy got here as much as the Prophet (S) and requested him to provide him a few items of recommendation. The Prophet (S) requested him thrice if he might perform what he prompt him on. the reply was once confident. The Prophet (S) then acknowledged: "اُوصِيكَ اِذا أنتَ هَمَمتَ بِأمرٍ فَتَدَبَّر عَاقِبَتَهُ فإن يَكُ رُشداً فامضِهِ واِن يَكُ غيّاً فانتَهِ عَنهُ" "I propose you, that once you want to do whatever, think of its consequence. whether it is within the correct path, proceed with it; but when it really is at the direction of blunders, depart it ". eighty four moment, decide on definitely the right course of motion because the Holy Qur’an says: "وَلَيْسَ الْبِرُّ بِأَنْ تَأْتُوا الْبُيُوتَ مِنْ ظُهُورِهَا وَلَكِنَّ الْبِرَّ مَنْ اتَّقَى وَأْتُوا الْبُيُوتَ مِنْ أَبْوَابِهَا" ".. it's not righteousness that you'd input homes at their backs, yet righteousness is that this that one may still safeguard opposed to evil; and move into the homes through their doorways… "85 Jabir has stated from Imam Baqir (as) his announcing: "ويَنبَغِي أن تَأتُوا الامُورَ مِن جِهاتِها أيَّ الامورِ كَانَ" "It is really helpful to go into affairs, no matter what they're, via their (right) instructions.

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