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By Mohammad Amin Sheikho

Having famous the absence of happiness in human existence, a gaggle of students started to search for how to reach this happiness. they can positioned their palms at the center of happiness by way of actual legislation, so they may possibly succeed in it via following this kind of set of legislation! even though… Can worldly medical legislation, in spite of the fact that nice they're, keep watch over happiness, make it give up to them, and make allowance itself to be harnessed through their reins?! Are they in a position to aid humans really style happiness, in order that the earth becomes a backyard of paradise?! How nice this success will be, if purely they can do it!

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He should still suppose His sympathy and compassion and retain Him with reverent perception and drawing closer to Him. Thereupon, the Grand God will bestow upon him part of His nice revelations and a model of the seas of His mild with the intention to allow him derive a gentle from the pearls of His considerable water from the springs of His love and then he'll by no means be thirsty. he'll live within the eternal bliss as a way to circulate upon him more and more leaving no method for boredom to creep into his center. This believer has turn into a kind of whom Allah endowed with hearty Paradise as an leisure from which they are going to want for no swap, they witness the Almighty’s mild, and by way of His mild they watch His Majesty, attractiveness, and elegance, in order that they dwell within the maximum happiness during this worldly lifestyles sooner than the hereafter. God says: “and for him who fears his supplier, there'll be Paradises” The Holy Qur'an castle (55) Ar-Rahman (the Mercy giving), verse (46) that's one within the current lifestyles, and one other within the existence to return. that's the eternal existence which has no restrict or finish. As for this worldly lifestyles, it's not more than a twinkling of eye or below that during comparability with it (the eternal one). haven't you heard in regards to the phrases of “Abu Yazeed Al-Bastami”, the believer, whilst he acknowledged, “had the kings recognized the bliss i've got in my center, they might have fought me with swords to get it”. He intended that if the kings flavor, by means of their hearts, and witness the Creator’s flowing donation over me whilst speaking with Him, they'll belittle their ownership and switch clear of it, but, they're going to abandon it looking the happiness which i am getting through God and from God. that's what occurred to the magicians of Pharaoh after they communicated with God via our grasp Moses (pth). They became clear of Pharaoh’s ownership and sacrificed the worldly pleasures for what that they had attained of happiness from Allah when they believed within the supplier of Moses (pth) And while Pharaoh threatened them of loss of life and wasting their worldly lifestyles, they acknowledged: “as for this current lifestyles, it really is valueless in comparison to what we had obtained from our supplier, Allah’s gift is healthier and extra lasting. He who comes ahead of his supplier with precise religion and sturdy deeds shall input the top Paradises”. Heart-cured can be those that think and prosper during this current lifestyles. they're going to reach the genuine religion from Allah after they process Him via acting strong deeds, and this is often the obvious prosper and how to get the iconic happiness that lasts perpetually. God says: “the (true) believers have already prospered” The Holy Qur'an fort (23) Al-Muminun (the believers), verse (1) as a result, no prosper with out trust. As should you shy away from their author and disbelieve of their supplier, you discover them in basic terms in amassing dirhams and dinars even supposing in truth that money won't ever be certain to them what they search of happiness. that's what the almighty shows in His noble announcing: “and he that turns clear of stating Me (in his center) shall definitely reside in woe” The Holy Qur'an citadel (20) Ta Ha (Ta-Ha)=Pure, verse (124) So, every little thing store Allah is not any greater than a mirage which the spirit delights in for your time, then it terminates as though it used to be no longer being to go away merely disgraceful results which draw evil, grief, and turbidity.

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