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By Mohammad Amin Sheikho

In recent times, a few topics just like the veil, polygamy, and divorce in Islam became items of dialogue and dispute upon which the mass media, specifically the western ones, shed gentle. what's the veil, polygamy, and divorce in Islam?. during this Audiobook: - A discussion among a Western Orientalist and a Muslim Savant concerning the verity of the philosophy of the veil in Islam, the significance of marriage agreement, the verity of polygamy in Islam. and the verity of divorce in Islam. - Is it the canopy screening in simple terms the hair? or it's the entire conceal screening the entire physique with the face? what's the knowledge in the back of it? and what are the Qur’anic proofs (verses) that point out it and judge its nature? Islam… what's divorce for?! what's a couple of spouse for?!

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He additionally responded the perplexing query, that is, why are prophets born as prophets? And what base the Almighty depends upon in order that He makes a decision them to be prophets and noble messengers earlier than they're born? He defined the Godly justice and established it in lofty common sense, as he confirmed the explanation of poverty, disorder, afflictions, and all what may possibly befall guy during this international of excellent or evil, along with, he acknowledged the weather which guy consists of in a obvious rationalization, the place he spoke concerning the distinction among the soul and the spirit, and among the idea and the brain revealing the quiddity of every. That used to be while the well-known British pupil Sir John Godolphin Bennett professed Islam by the hands of him as he (Sir John) went to him to invite him his questions that have been tricky for him and for all different scientists and students. The assembly was once in Damascus urban on 1953, the place Sir John Goldophin Bennett requested him very important questions and inquired approximately all what crossed his brain touching on Islam and its pillars, and approximately fasting, pilgrimage, Zakat (almsgiving) and the knowledge past each one until eventually the student requested him announcing: have you ever, Sir, recognized the resource of the water you drink? Sir Bennett answered that the rain water is the most resource of ingesting water. Then the student responded him asserting that the rain water is for crops and animals, and he published to him with the cogent facts the resources of spring water within the entire international deriving his demonstration from the Holy Qur’an, and that the working of the large and small rivers at the floor of the earth isn't ascribed in any respect to the rain water, a answer that's anything unknown via any of the jap and western scientists. fairly! it's a nice clinical miracle, which tells that the water of those springs has better and extra opulent resources than the rain water, for the coed verified with greater than thirty clinical evidences derived from the noble verses that the ice of the north and south poles is the resource of water of the entire springs, and whilst Sir Bennett heard such study from him and mentioned with him approximately it, he instantly confessed Islam and acknowledged: ‘I ask yourself how this question hasn't ever crossed my brain earlier than! ’ And whilst he back to his kingdom, he acknowledged his recognized phrases prior to a crowd of scientists and trained professors: ‘Indeed, all what we now have got of the sciences, don't equivalent the ocean of sciences of that groovy pupil within the Orient’. He confirmed the knowledge in the back of circumcision for men, and the cause of which the Almighty has created this glans whereas the male embryo is in his mother’s womb, then the knowledge in the back of slicing it after delivery. This discovery of the coed is exceptional via any of the medical professionals of this time nor through these of the entire past a long time. All of that's pointed out in his booklet: The assets of Spring Water on the earth - And - A examine on Discoveries of Circumcision secret. He stored the farm animals whilst he confirmed using pointing out Al’lah’s identify over them while being slaughtered, by way of saying the assertion: ‘In the identify of God, Al’lah is Greater’, and clarified that after those farm animals listen such nice assertion whilst appearing the slaughter, their entire blood runs and their our bodies shake in order that the entire blood is published from the carcass and not anything of it continues to be within their meat, and via that, the Almighty provides us natural clean meat, loose from any germ.

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