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By Lesley Hazleton

There is not any girl with a worse acceptance than Jezebel, the traditional queen who corrupted a country and met the most ugly fates within the Bible. Her identify on my own speaks of sexual decadence and promiscuity. yet what if this model of her tale, passed right down to us in the course of the a while, is in simple terms the single her enemies sought after us to think? What if Jezebel, faraway from being a conniving harlot, used to be, actually, framed?
In this amazing new biography, Lesley Hazleton indicates precisely how the proud and brave queen of Israel used to be vilified and made into the very embodiment of wanton wickedness by way of her political and spiritual enemies. Jezebel brings readers again to the resource of the biblical tale, a wealthy and dramatic saga that includes evil schemes and underhanded plots, battle and treason, fake gods and falser people, and all with the destiny of complete international locations at stake. At its middle are only one lady and one man—the refined Queen Jezebel and the stark prophet Elijah. Their epic and eventually tragic disagreement pits tolerance opposed to righteousness, pragmatism opposed to divine dictates, and liberalism opposed to conservatism. it really is, in different phrases, the unique tale of the unholy marriage of intercourse, politics, and faith, and it leads to some of the most chillingly brutal scenes within the complete Bible.
Here eventually is the genuine tale of the increase and fall of this mythical woman—a substantially varied portrait with startling modern resonance in a global mired once more in non secular wars.

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And if this turns out primitive, give some thought to the truth that the belief has stayed with us within the thought of “foul” or “dirty” language—language that's impure or out of bounds, even if now not as specific as calling an individual “a piece of shit. ” to provide oneself over to the realm of dung and excretion is to move over to “the different aspect of the border,” as Kristeva places it. it's to go the road among human and bestial. it truly is actually to visit the canine. Jezebel has been submitted to abjection now not as soon as yet thrice: she has been thrown to the canines, then eaten via them, then excreted via them. The degradation has ultimately reached its limits. What the person physique rejects is rejected through the physique politic; Jezebel is past the light. Now the canines’ dung will dry within the sunlight, to be eroded via the wind into airborne dirt and dust, invisible to the human eye. there'll be not anything left of Jezebel—no tomb, no monument, no shrine. within the minds of the biblical authors, the gods she represents were overthrown and trampled, wolfed and ejected, to be erased from human reminiscence. but reminiscence persists. when we recognize the main points of ways Jezebel died, they continue to be engraved in our minds. In an ideal twist of irony, Jehu’s insistence that she be forgotten makes her death—and therefore her life—unforgettable. while he says, “They shall now not say, This used to be Jezebel,” he assumes that with her physique, her identify may be dispersed over the face of the earth into nothingness. How fallacious he will be. nine. Babylon during which Yahweh is reborn in exile stroll into Room 6 of the British Museum—the lengthy ground-floor gallery that's the Assyrian room—and you could virtually consider Jezebel status beside you, a half-smile soaring on the corners of her mouth. it's not a grin of delight or of triumph, yet considered one of natural scorn. “See,” you could virtually pay attention her announcing, “you don't kill Jezebel with impunity. There are results. and they're speedy, dire, and incontrovertible. ” ahead of you is the six-foot-high pillar often called the Black Obelisk. stumbled on within the old Assyrian bastion of Nimrud in 1846, it bargains dramatic facts of the fee paid for Jehu’s overthrow of the Omride dynasty. Dense cuneiform inscriptions and photo bas-relief panels carved into the polished black stone list the army conquests of Assyria’s Shalmanezer III, “king of multitudes of fellows, marcher over the total global. ” in a single of the main widespread panels, Shalmanezer is proven shaded via an attendant bearing a parasol; his face is robust and sensual, his hair a Pre-Raphaelite movement of rippling tresses certain by way of a gem-studded scarf, his beard curled and braided. He seems to be directly out over a guy bowed low in submission at his toes, as one might anyone who used to be underneath observe, not to mention contempt. the guy is on his knees, his head at the flooring and his rump raised excessive within the air within the posture of a fawning puppy. “Jehu of the home of Omri,” reads the inscription. The usurper who ordered Jezebel thrown to the canines is now depicted as a puppy himself, groveling to his new grasp.

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