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“An notable series of imaginatively extraordinary sexual adventures punctuated through philosophical and theological digression. Mlle. De Maupin, Lolita, Candy—all light beside Juliette.”—Library Journal

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“Sick urban is enjoyable, twisted and brutal…. O’Neill may be our generation’s Jim Thompson. ”— James Frey, writer of vivid glossy Morning “Tony O’Neill works his L. A. humans the best way Dutch Leonard had his hand down the pants of each degenerate in his nice Detroit novels. ”— Barry Gifford, writer of untamed at Heart From Tony O’Neill, the writer of Down and Out on homicide Mile and coauthor of the Neon Angel and the hot York instances bestselling Hero of the Underground, comes ailing City—a wild event of 2 junkies, Hollywood, and the Sharon Tate intercourse tape.

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