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By Tibor Karolyi

Chess champion Garry Kasparov wrote a bestselling sequence of books called My nice Predecessors, ascribing his victories to classes realized from the video games of previous champions. Now, in a humorously titled “addition” to the sequence, Tibor Károlyi and Nick Aplin flip Kasparov’s chess knowledge on its head by means of reading 70 video games he misplaced! in the back of the good-natured humor is the real chess concept that each strategic or tactical precept has its exceptions, and the win frequently involves the participant who is familiar with whilst ordinary technique doesn’t observe. It’s a delightfully unique observation on smooth chess conception, supplying equivalent components leisure and instruction.




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I. xe4 lOf6 22 f5 'iWh5+ 23 �f2 play keeps 21 tLlxe4+ 24 lOxe4 'ii' xf5+ 25 �e3 'ii'g five+ 1 nine lOd I lOd7 2 zero e four dxe4 2 1 . i. xe4 Wb5 . i. xe4 lOxe4 22 lOxe4 . -xe2 thirteen .. JlfhS 23 lI a e l This represents a mild distinction. 25 'ife3 and B l ack runs out of play. 220 . Ihe4+ 24 . xe4 . xd2+ 26 �d3 [26 �f2 'ii' f5+ 2 7 'it>e3] 26 . . . tfS 27 102c3 'ii'xg3+ 28 . te3 'iWh3 22 :h 1 1Oh2 23 lOe3 lOf6 24 . Jtg2 tDfg4 25 'ii'c five leaves White an aspect. ) 22 1 Jose Raul Capablanca the 3Td Jose Raul Capablanca the 3Td sixteen ... 'it'h8 17 <1Jg3 ciJh2+ 18 �f2 <1Jg4+ J . CapabJanca - A. Alekhine video game 29, international Championship, Buenos Aires 1 927 1 d4 dS 2 c4 e6 three <1Je3 ciJf6 four . 1gS ciJbd7 five e3 c6 6 ciJo was once 7 ciJd2 . 1b4 eight Wc2 dxc4 nine . lhf6 ciJxf6 10 ciJxc4 We7 eleven aJ 19 l: g I (Had now not identified 2 1 'iWb3 ciJdS Capablanca's video game i would have attempted 19 ciJd l I ? � it's not that i am asserting this wins yet I knew he had gained with the rook flow and that i depended on his notion. ) 1 nine . . . ciJd7 20 e4 dxe4 2 1 ciJxe4 'iVh2 (2 l .. . ciJ df6 22 ciJ d6 l: e6 23 ciJ c4 and White retains his place jointly. ) 22 'it' d I ciJ df6 23 ciJ xf6+ ciJxf6 24 l:e I . li. g4 25 'ifc4 and White is tied up. Capablanca beat Alekhine in an endgame during which he was once a pawn up and with a selected pawn constitution. J. Capablanca - right here Alekhine ignored an opportunity to lessen his drawback with 2 1 . . . b5. Then 22 <1Jc5 . li. xc5 and Black is just a fragment worse. 19 'it'O ciJh2+ Ij,-Vl And the sport resulted in a perpetual. yet I must have gained this video game or not less than pressed tougher. So, planted deep in my brain in my junior years was once Capablanca's online game - and it again to me a lot later while I performed Deep Junior. here's my place - additionally from an international name fit - and with comparable features. G. Kasparov - A. okay a rpov A. Alekhine 22 b5 exb5 23 . -xb5 l:a8 24 IIc1 l:a5 2 five 'Wc6 White quickly wins the b6-pawn. 2S ... . li. a3 26 l:t bl . i. f8 27 . i. xd5 l:xdS 1l .... li. e7 There are difficulties assessing this sort of middlegame. This bishop could be worthy up to White's more space. for instance, gamers as soon as thought of the Moscow edition to be a bit higher for White. by means of the top of the 1 9905 masters be gan to sacrifice the c4-pawn as a substitute. I additionally beat Dreev with this concept in an exceptionally very important video game within the 2004 Russian Championship. 12 g3 0-0 thirteen . li. g2 . li. d7 14 b4 b6 15 0-0 as sixteen ciJeS axb4 17 axb4 l:xal If 17 ... . li. xb4 1 eight ciJb5 Wc8 19 ciJ a7 wins. 18 . l:b:al l:c8 If 1 eight . . . . li. xb4 19 <1Jb5 Wc8 20 . li. xc61 Capablanca beloved this continuation and he had some degree. 19 ciJxd7 WId7 20 ciJa4 'Wd8 222 28 <1Jxb6 White has very good probabilities of changing his virtue. 2 eight ... l%d6 29 'Wb7 h5 30 tDe4 l:d7 31 'ife4 l:te7 32 ciJe5 We8 33 'it>g2 . li. d6 34 . I:1 a l IIb7 35 ciJd3 g6 36 l:a6 . i. f8 37 l:tc6 it truly is fascinating that Capablanca chooses to not assault with h3 and g4. 37 ... l1c7 three eight l:txe7 Wxc7 three nine ciJeS . li. g7 forty 'Was+ 'it>h7 forty-one tUo . i. f6 forty two 'ifa6 'it> g7 223 Jose Raul Capobianco the 3rr1 Jose Raul Capobianco the 3rr1 bishop alongside either diagonals used to be larger so probably b6 is the easiest sq. for the bishop.

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