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By Imam Jaffer-as-Sadiq (AS) - XKP

A selection of Hadith by means of the sixth Imam on wisdom, habit, remembrance, prayer, and worry of God.


Thanks to Translated by means of: Shaykh Fadhlallah Haeri released through: Ansariyan guides Qum, Iran

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29:3) bankruptcy forty six Retreat an individual who embarks on a retreat ('uzlah) from the realm is fortified by means of Allah and guarded via His guardianship. What pleasure there's for the person that has withdrawn with Him, secretly and overtly! to do that, he needs to differentiate among fact and falsehood, love, poverty, selected trouble and abstinence, and grab each chance for retreat. He needs to consider the result of his activities, seeing his incapability for worship whereas worshipping up to attainable, forsaking satisfaction, and continuously carrying out remembrance with no displaying heedlessness, that's the searching flooring of devil and the start of each disorder and the cause of all that's vague. He must also rid his condominium of every thing he has no rapid want for. ‘Isa [a] stated, 'Guard your tongue with a view to increase your middle, and make your home be adequate for you. watch out for exhibiting off and of getting extra provision. Be modest ahead of your Lord and weep to your blunders. Flee from humans as you flee from the lion and the viper. They have been a medication and now they've got turn into a affliction. Then meet Allah anyplace you'll. ' And Rabi' ibn Khuthaym acknowledged, 'If you could deal with at the present time to be in a spot the place you don't know an individual and the place none understands you, then accomplish that. ' Retreat brings defense for the limbs, a loose center, a valid livelihood, the destruction of Satan's guns, the avoidance of each evil and leisure for the center. there is not any prophet nor regent (wasi) who has no longer selected retreat in his lifetime, both at his starting or at his finish. bankruptcy forty seven Silence Silence is the mark of these who're definite of the realities that have already become, and approximately which the Pen has already written. it's the key to each leisure during this international and the following: it brings Allah's excitement, a lightening of the reckoning and a safeguard from blunders and errors. Allah has made it a veil for the ignorant and an adornment for the fellow of information. via silence, passions may be put aside, and with it come strength of will, the wonder of worship, removing of hardheartedness, abstinence, virtuousness and resourcefulness. for that reason lock your tongue to speech which isn't completely worthy, in particular if you don't locate a person worthy speaking to; other than, that's, while you're speaking in particular approximately issues to do with Allah. Rabi' ibn Khuthaym used to put a parchment prior to him, upon which he might write down every little thing he stated throughout the day. within the night he may name himself to account whereas he was once nonetheless alive, seeing what he had stated either for and opposed to himself. Then he could say, 'Oh! The silent have certainly been stored! ' one of many partners of the Messenger of Allah used to place pebbles in his mouth. whilst he desired to say whatever he knew was once either to Allah, in Allah and for the sake of Allah, he might get rid of them from his mouth. the various partners used to respire like anyone drowning, and converse like somebody who was once in poor health. People's destruction or salvation lies in speech and silence.

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