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By Mike Davis

Interpreting a chain of El Niño-induced droughts and the famines that they spawned worldwide within the final 3rd of the nineteenth century, Mike Davis discloses the intimate, baleful dating among imperial vanity and normal incident that mixed to supply a number of the worst tragedies in human history.

Late Victorian Holocausts makes a speciality of 3 zones of drought and next famine: India, Northern China; and Northeastern Brazil. All have been laid low with an identical international climatic components that triggered mammoth crop disasters, and all skilled brutal famines that decimated neighborhood populations. however the results of drought have been magnified in every one case as a result of singularly harmful rules promulgated by means of diverse ruling elites.

Davis argues that the seeds of underdevelopment in what later turned often called the 3rd global have been sown during this period of excessive Imperialism, because the cost for capitalist modernization used to be paid within the foreign money of thousands of peasants’ lives.

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