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By Almut-Barbara Renger

Whilst Oedipus met the Sphinx at the highway to Thebes, he did greater than resolution a riddle—he spawned a delusion that, informed and retold, could turn into considered one of Western culture’s imperative narratives approximately self-understanding. choosing the tale as a threshold myth—in which the hero crosses over into an unknown and hazardous realm the place ideas and boundaries should not known—Oedipus and the Sphinx offers a clean account of this mythic stumble upon and the way it bargains with the thoughts of liminality and otherness.


Almut-Barbara Renger assesses the story’s meanings and services in classical antiquity—from its presence in historical vase portray to its absence in Sophocles’s tragedy—before arriving at of its significant reworkings in eu modernity: the psychoanalytic idea of Sigmund Freud and the poetics of Jean Cocteau. via her readings, she highlights the ambiguous prestige of the Sphinx and divulges Oedipus himself to be a liminal creature, supplying key insights into Sophocles’s portrayal and constructing a theoretical framework that organizes reviews of the myth’s reception within the 20th century. Revealing the narrative of Oedipus and the Sphinx to be the very paradigm of a key transition skilled through all of humankind, Renger situates delusion among the competing claims of technology and paintings in an engagement that has vital implications for present debates in literary stories, psychoanalytic idea, cultural historical past, and aesthetics.

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