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By Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi - XKP

Our maximum capital after divine booklet, Holy Quran, is perform of the prophet and precious traditions of loved ones of prophet (pbuh) and those are nice weights after loss of life of the prophet (s.a.) and resorting to them prevents guy from misguidance and error.

Unfortunately, those traditions that are an ocean of sciences and information, are usually not popular but. there are lots of traditions in a single brief word of which a e-book of lifestyles lesson is hidden and will clear up the issues of today"s guy in numerous issues.

This e-book is a variety of those traditions with a transparent translation and short description. First one culture used to be stipulated weekly initially of interpretation dialogue conferences hung on fridays within the conferences of "assembly of faith and science" in imam hossein mosque (tehran), and everyone saw it during the week as a lesson, and many youths, girls and boys, memorized them.

Very solid reception of those traditions triggered to print and post them individually. this small publication can be a pattern of islam"s directions for all of these who need to know islam larger via a quick research. yet what turns out extra vital is working towards those courses within the existence and appearing to them. therefore, allow us to to invite luck from god first for figuring out and comprehending those traditions after which for watching them.



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Says: إسْتِتْمامُ الْمَعْرُوفِ خَیْرٌ مِنْ إِبْتِدائهِ Translation of entirety and continuation of an excellent deed is best and extra vital than beginning it. (1) short Description we regularly face with valuable works and activities within the milieu of our social existence that are left uncompleted. their doers have begun them less than impression of a surprising cause, yet they've got misplaced their enthusiasm very quickly and feature left them uncompleted. Islam admires trustworthy and diligent people who accomplish any beneficial paintings which they begin. 1- Narrated from nahjol fesahah publication bankruptcy 21 eternal courses Imam Sadegh (a. s. ) acknowledged: إنَّ اللّه لَمْ یَبْعَثْ نَبِیّاً إلاّ بِصِدقِ الْحَدِیثِ وَ أَداءِ الأَمانَةِ Translation Allah steered all prophets to ask humans to honesty and belief. (1) short Description A fit society relies on assorted capitals, an important of that's the capital of public self belief and belief. belief on speech, belief on motion and the best enemy of this useful capital is lie and treachery. The societies within which lie and treachery is well known, everybody are scared of one another, every body consider loneliness, each person may still endure heavy load of lifestyles on my own and this can be a similar society of loneliness. because of this why invitation to honesty and belief has been consistently integrated in courses of all divine prophets. 1- Narrated from safinatol behar bankruptcy 22 the main serious Punishment Islam"s Prophet (s. a. ) says: أَشَدُّ النّاسِ عَذَاباً فِى الْقِیامَةِ عَالِمٌ لَمْ یَعْمَلْ بِعِلْمِهِ وَ لَمْ یَنْفَعْهُ عِلْمُهُ Translation person who is aware whatever and doesn't notice it, and doesn't use his wisdom, his punishment within the hereafter stands out as the such a lot serious one. (1) short Description In islam"s common sense, wisdom is usually a device for perform and bettering person and society"s existence. another way it has no worth. those that devote a sin unknowingly have much less accountability, yet excessive accountability can be at the burden of these who devote a sin knowingly, and those that forget making conscious assorted degrees of society, and whosoever enjoys a small or immense percentage of data, shall undergo an analogous accountability hence. 1- Beharol anvar, quantity 2, web page 38 bankruptcy 23 Calamity of Debt Islam"s Prophet (s. a. ) says: إیّاکُمْ وَ الْدَّیْنَ فَإنَّهُ هَمٌّ بِاللَیْلِ، وَ ذُلٌ بِالنَّهارِ Translation stay away from borrowing so far as you could, since it explanations grief at evening and contempt on day. (1) short Description Garishness of fabric existence and comfort festival in our interval has triggered humans to adopt unreasonable loans and laborious accounts and installments. because a debtor isn't really regarded as a loose guy, we're advised to not adopt debt until for a dire necessity. the chance of debt on the point of nations will be extra and its results will be extra deadly, and it hurts freedom and non secular independence of countries. 1- Beharol anvar, quantity 103, web page 141 bankruptcy 24 A fit Social existence Imam Sadegh (a.

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