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By Keith Baker

  • None visit Dragonscar! The legends communicate of the traditional beast acknowledged to stay in the volcanic zone, and even supposing few have obvious the effective dragon of overdue, these legends are sufficient to ward idle explorers away. but now, thunder shakes the geographical region and hearth stains the sky — the dragon of Dragonscar is conscious, and all who oppose him shall burn!
  • This experience, written by means of Eberron writer Keith Baker, is designed for a celebration of 15th-level characters.

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Marita and her fiancé may perhaps remain or depart. If Eldran Tesh continues to be alive, his function sooner or later of Dalaston relies completely on what the computers choose to do. a lot of the magic in Horranath’s hoard is dead for rebuilding a city, however the low-level armor and guns may well support give a boost to its defenses—or supply the desktops a head commence on equipping their fans. The gold and gem stones from the hoard are simply transportable, however the tens of millions of silver and copper will not be, and those small cash are only the object to aid town begin rebuilding. looking on how concerned the desktops are looking to be, they can put money into the development, use magic to fix and construct, or lease others to do that paintings for them. non secular characters (especially those that worship Abadar) will want to ship representatives in their religion to town. If the desktops don’t provide any aid, town will get by means of and finally recovers, and the folk are grateful towards the desktops yet to not the level of hero worship. If the computers take an lively involvement sooner or later of Dalaston, notwithstanding, they could make a legacy for themselves the following. If a personality is retiring or the crusade is finishing, this would be an exceptional position for the desktops to settle down—a secure domestic, on the subject of event sooner or later, the place they are often famous because the heroes they're. strategies ahead of wrestle Horranath prepares for wrestle through casting defense from power (cold), withstand power (cold), larger invisibility (from her wand), safeguard from arrows, hearth defend (cold flames), displacement, protect, and haste, in that order. She casts desecrate on a daily basis within the heart of the pillars zone to make the undead extra strong (though they don't obey her, their presence deters intruders). in the course of wrestle Horranath is aware the necropyre crystal’s powers purely paintings whereas she isn’t touching the floor, and she or he attempts to assault from the air if in any respect attainable. Her particular strategies in a variety of elements of her lair are integrated within the room descriptions. Morale If introduced lower than a hundred hp, Horranath desperately attempts to escape, utilizing haste and expeditious retreat to hurry her break out. information Str 33, Dex 10, Con 23, Int 18, Wis 19, Cha 18 Base Atk +25; Grp +44 Feats Blind-Fight, Cleave, Flyby assault, more desirable Bull Rush, more suitable Initiative, Multiattack, strength assault, 28 blood of dragonscar Appendix 1: New Magic merchandise individual wearing the crystal profits no profit until they've got slain the perfect variety of humans whereas bearing it. it's attainable for various humans to have varied degrees of strength from the crystal counting on what number they've got killed whereas maintaining it. The crystal has a tendency to spontaneously create necropyre creatures from the tortured souls inside of it and infrequently reabsorbs those creatures into itself in the event that they are within reach. The necropyres by no means damage you, nor are they lower than your command. The crystal bestows one detrimental point on any non-evil creature touching or wearing it. The unfavorable point is still so long as the crystal is touched, held, or carried, and disappears while the weapon isn't any longer wielded.

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