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  • The rustic people of Blackbeach have stored their cursed history mystery for hundreds of thousands of years — they're pureblooded scions of misplaced Azlant, the sunken continent around the western sea, whose bloodline finally reasons them to rework into sea-folk and obey an odd underwater entity. an area sorcerer attempting to treatment his humans has woke up a poor evil, locked away in a close-by Azlanti spoil for hundreds of thousands of years. Now the villagers are speedily devolving into fishlike monsters and listening to a telepathic name they can't refuse. Can the heroes retailer the villagers and prevent the traditional abomination sooner than it escapes to avenge itself?
  • An aquatic dungeon event for 6th-level Pathfinder Roleplaying Game characters.

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One of many cloakers makes use of its stupor moan to paralyze Sara and engulf her whereas the opposite fly ahead to assault the desktops. The cloaker engulfing Sara bargains 6 issues of wear and tear in step with around to Sara, giving the desktops five rounds to rescue Sara earlier than she is killed (at –12 hit points). The cloakers are 60 toes from the get together. Cloakers (3) XP 1,600 each one CR five hp fifty one every one (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary forty seven) strategies in the course of wrestle As one cloaker engulfs Sara, the opposite movement inside variety of the desktops and moan, directing their worry results 15 ® module advert Hoc adventure: If the desktops rescue Sara from the cloakers, award them 2,400 XP. are excited about the rock and lulled right into a sleep choked with bright yet unsettling desires. The skum of the encircling sea have taken benefit of the villagers’ culture for hundreds of years, utilizing the hypnotic energy of the rock to misinform younger brides into mating with them. frequently those skum are the brides’ personal ancestors, below the guise of darkness and glamer magic. in a while, the skum enact a ritual subjecting the to a adjust reminiscence spell to create euphoric reminiscences of the occasions, therefore concealing and perpetuating the breeding cycle of the ulat-kini. desktops can parent a annoying hum emanating from the rock with a DC 15 belief fee. a person coming near near inside 60 ft of the rock needs to make a DC 15 Fortitude shop or be sickened, as stressful visions and unsettling stories that by no means have been seem within the brain and vanish simply as quick. a personality who is still inside of 60 toes of the rock for greater than half-hour needs to make a DC 17 Will retailer or fall right into a magical sleep as though laid low with a deep shut eye spell. Creatures introduced out of the realm get over those results in 1 around, and the rock has caster point 12 for reasons of dispel magic. A DC 20 wisdom (history) cost identifies the big rock as yet a small, uncovered fragment of a tremendous Azlanti altar to a couple unknown deity. The rock radiates a robust air of secrecy of attraction. The cliffs that encompass the cove are sheer, achieving heights averaging a hundred toes and requiring a DC 25 Climb cost to scale. the pointy rocks on the backside inflict double general falling harm, and climbers who fall additionally chance drowning within the churning sea. The jumbled is still of the traditional highway, even if, supply sufficient handholds to require just a DC 15 Climb cost to navigate, and the slope right here reduces falling harm to a greatest of 2d6 issues of wear and tear. improvement: whilst the desktops depart the seashore and trip into town itself, learn or paraphrase the subsequent. Wolf in Sheep’s garments (CR 7) This stumble upon may still ensue a while after the computers have encountered Sara Vanderholt (see Cloaks of Silence on web page 16), while the idea of extra escaped villagers may well entice them right into a fake experience of safety. because the desktops discover the town, a DC 10 notion money finds a bedraggled male villager loitering within the courtyard of a close-by destroy. He looks wounded yet waves desperately on the computers and limps slowly towards them.

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