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By Brandon Hodge

Hidden away within the distant uplands of Varisia, the distant village of Ravenmoor hasn't ever been desirous to allure viewers. The electorate of Ravenmoor have their very own methods, their very own traditions, their very own tools of celebrating the flip of seasons. but if a tax collector vanishes on a visit into the distant city to assemble on a number of years of taxes that experience, it seems that, slipped throughout the cracks, Ravenmoor all of sudden turns into a focus of recognition. What unusual surprises watch for these selected to enquire the tax collector''s disappearances, and does the vanishing have something to do with Ravenmoor''s upcoming seasonal ceremonial dinner? banquet of Ravenmoor is a horror/mystery-themed Pathfinder Module for 3rd-level characters, and in addition incorporates a brand-new monster and a neighborhood gazetteer detailing the Ravenmoor hinterlands.

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If the desktops don’t fill the 3 spots on their lonesome, vacant spots are crammed through villagers (use the stats for a Ravenmoor cultist, stumbled on on web page eight, even if those specific villagers aren’t truly cultists). prior to the competition starts off, enable every one computer a DC 15 belief fee to notice that the pig not just turns out form of sickly, yet virtually turns out drugged within the approach it stumbles and weaves approximately. A DC 20 Heal or wisdom (nature) fee is sufficient to ascertain that the pig can be drugged or perhaps poisoned. If the computers name this out, the competition organizers name a halt to the complaints and breakthrough to enquire, leading to the scene defined lower than Creatures, less than. Likewise, once a person manages to pin the greased pig, proceed with the subsequent scene. Creatures: once the pig is pinned, or once the desktops name awareness to its strange habit, an unforeseen occasion happens. The pig isn't really “sick,” yet quite infested with an extraplanar parasite often called a cythnigot qlippoth—a cultist fed it a few grain laced with cythnigot spore circumstances (see quarter K5) after studying that the computers could most probably be within the region, hoping to take advantage of the outcome to determine the computers in motion that allows you to pass judgement on their wrestle skills. the strain of the placement explanations the pig to break down and die of fright, at which element the cythnigot growing to be within it quickly transforms the pig’s stillwarm physique right into a twisted monstrosity. an extra pair of legs sprout from its physique and its eyes flip pitch black with out obvious whites, whereas a few flytraplike jaws sprout from its again. this sort of jaws is huge sufficient to snap and chew at foes. The cythnigot’s transformation is rapid. somebody grappling the pig on the time is instantly subjected to a chew assault from the monster, whereas all staring at the hideous transformation and who're inside 10 toes are plagued by its awful visual appeal. The monster’s gurgling shrieks sound disturbingly like a crying child instead of a pig, and it instantly assaults the closest foe—PC or villager. If the computers don’t step in to smash the monster, it flies off into the air utilizing its spell-like skill, vanishing into the southern swamps and leaving the villagers nervous and apprehensive. notice that this actual cythnigot is a section better than the common Tiny monster. A DC thirteen wisdom (planes) fee is sufficient to realize the creature is an surprisingly outsized cythnigot qlippoth (see web page 218 of the Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 2 for extra common information regarding qlippoth). Greased Pig (CR three) After the final raven struggle ends, the villagers quick erect a low fence of timbers round the critical pageant eco-friendly whereas a couple of brawny villagers (neither of whom are cultists) convey a squealing, sickly-looking pig into the enclosure. To the cheers of a transforming into crowd, the boys slather the more and more agitated pig liberally in slippery grease prior to tying the tip of the rope round its neck to a put up. this is often the normal greased pig chase, and if the computers inquire approximately it, the villagers (ever wanting to see “city people” humbled) inspire the computers to go into.

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