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  • Legends inform of the mysterious Harrow decks which may immediately regulate a person's lifestyles — for solid or for ailing — or that expert spellcasters can draw upon the Harrow's mystic strength to reinforce their very own magic. Others communicate of complete worlds created contained in the Harrow, geographical regions modeled after the unique and scary locales pictured within the playing cards and populated via unusual humans and stranger creatures. So while the heroes are employed to enquire a mysterious disappearance, can they live to tell the tale this journey into the strangest realm but explored in a Pathfinder world?
  • The Harrowing is an event for 9th-level characters, written for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and appropriate with the 3.5 version of the world's oldest RPG. it is usually a brand-new monster and ideas for incorporating the preferred Harrow Deck (not required) without delay into play, including an exhilarating new point of probability into the game.

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Ogre Barracks huge, immense bunk beds line the wall of this room, stinking of sweat and visibly swarming with parasites. on the room’s a ways finish, a raised body encompasses a miniature mattress swathed in silks. Marouka’s ogre guards spend so much in their off-duty time taking part in card video games during this makeshift front room. the truth that none of them recognize what cards appear like or how the foundations paintings has but to prevent them. Treasure: Marouka’s bed conceals these possessions he values an excessive amount of to hold in the course of regimen education within the courtyard, discoverable with a DC 25 notion payment: potions of medication critical wounds, 4 potions of strength resistance (electricity), and a necklace of fireballs (type II). CR eight LE male efreeti (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary one hundred forty) hp ninety five Essessol XP 6,400 CR nine I9. Aetherium (CR 10) CE girl marid (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 142) hp 114 playing cards: The Courtesan (gain a +4 bonus on saves to withstand the succubi’s strength drain attacks), The Fiend (the demons’ immunities to electrical energy and fireplace turn into resistance 10 as a substitute) Treasure: Agrasug and Essessol’s platinum marriage ceremony bands are every one worthy 750 gp. I6. The Honeymoon Suite putting silks and overstuffed pillows brighten up this hot, white chamber. Pipes lead into and out of the facet partitions, whereas a tremendous, shallow bathtub fills the heart of the living room. I7. felony Tower regardless of appearances, the citadel’s aetherium is greater than a trifling harem. The pool serves as a battery, storing electricity to strength the keep’s clockwork engines. Zassrion periodically refreshes the cost together with his breath weapon, often whereas stress-free with the concubines he retains right here. Creatures: Zassrion’s succubi courtesans spend all their time within the aetherium having fun with the electrified bathtub and lush pillows. The shapeshifters frequently seem This opulent bedchamber indicates indicators of eons of water harm and the sizzling of slow-burning flames. the character of Agrasug and Essessol’s story preserves the room, yet their consistent quarreling has taken its toll at the bed room. A warped and charred stairway leads as much as quarter I7. Iron bars divide this chamber. to at least one facet, problematic tables, instruments, and biology diagrams indicate torture. To the opposite, unidentifiable stains mark a row of dingy cells. 28 the Harrowing as beautiful younger women. whilst the desktops input, they fake to be mortal captives and plead for relief, claiming to be shackled within the tub for Zassrion’s excitement. They try to grapple someone who techniques, pulling them into the pool. After their preliminary ambush, the succubi wade again into the pool, out of melee variety, and use dominate individual and advice to carry heroes to them. they simply lodge to melee wrestle if their foes look quite proof against their charms, and teleport to the Sanguine Playhouse in the event that they believe the struggle can’t be gained. Concubines (3) XP 3,200 each one incorporates many of the cost; fluid splashed from the basin imparts little greater than static grasp. Treasure: A DC 20 notion fee finds platinum tiles set within the backside of the electrified pool.

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