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By Gordon R. Dickson, Keith Laumer

Corazon or bust! The newly stumbled on planet Corazon has simply been opened to prospectors, and ruthless Senator Bartholomew desires just one guy to stake a declare for him. yet this guy - veteran explorer Captain Henry - can have no a part of the enterprise. As conqueror of a number of planets, and now a hundred thirty five years outdated, he longs for retirement and leisure. Blackmailed, even if, via the Senator into rejuvenation remedies, and dedication to the hot undertaking, Henry shrewdly devises his personal scheme for revenge

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Bartholomew shook his head. "This is a pathetically ineptly prepared affair. Why, it'll were simplicity itself to survey the planet, set out markers on a grid, and assign components by means of lot to certified entrants. " "Face it, Larry. New land on virgin worlds is not doled out like slices of cake at a church social. they could make all of the principles they wish, again at Galaxy Central—but on Corazon, it will likely be nature's outdated legislations. it isn't the Statistical normal that survives—it's the son-of-a-bitch that is more durable than the tough case that is searching him. perhaps the Survey professionals do not know that—or possibly they are smarter than we provide them credits for. you do not tame alien worlds with busloads of bureaucrats. " "But this association is an open invitation to lawlessness. " Henry nodded. "And you could anticipate it there will be lots of takers. " "But—what do we do opposed to males of that kind? " "Easy," Henry acknowledged. "We'll do an analogous thing—only we will do it first. " * * * It used to be the 17th day in area. Captain Henry sat on the plotting desk. He lifted his head, sniffed the air, then rose, went to the companionway, sniffed back. He grabbed the handrail, leaped down, dived for the facility compartment. Dense fumes boiled out from a big grilled housing. Coughing, Henry fought via to the emergency console, hauled down on a heavy circuit breaker. a pointy whining descended the size. The smoke churned, trailing towards wall registers. Henry retreated to the hall, coughing violently. "Are you o.k., Captain? " Bartholomew's strained voice sounded at the back of him. "I do not know but; we now have gyro trouble," Henry snapped, and plunged again into the smoke. The haze used to be thinning quick. The whine had fallen to a growl, dropped decrease, clicked to a cease. "Bearings gone," Henry snapped. "Maybe we will be able to substitute 'em, and perhaps we will not. Let's leap, Mister. each minute counts! seize that torquer—get that housing off! " Henry sprang for the elements index, punched keys. A eco-friendly gentle winked. A clattering got here from in the back of the panel. He lifted out heavy, plastic-cocooned disks, 8 inches in diameter and 3 inches thick. The ping! of cooling steel sounded within the room. Bartholomew's wrench clattered opposed to steel. "It's particularly quiet, suddenly," the boy known as. "I've close down the air pumps. " Henry ripped on the plastic overlaying; polished steel emerged from the boring brown casing. "We'll choke," Bartholomew stated. "The room's nonetheless choked with smoke. " "Feel that faint surge underfoot, each 5 seconds or so . . . ? " Henry snapped. "Yes, but—" "Keep operating! " Henry ripped into the second one bearing. "This send isn't really a statically balanced unit. it really is spinning a bit over one revolution according to moment. The axis of spin and the centroid of mass do not coincide. there is additionally an issue of fluid inertia; the air, the water within the tanks, lubricant reservoirs. I close the pumps all the way down to reduce the eccentric thrusts up to possible—but it will not support a lot. The wobble will increase—and the more serious it will get, the speedier it is going to construct.

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