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By Sheikh Sadooq - XKP

This paintings is in truth 3 books whose themes are attached to one another. certainly one of them, specifically Sifat ush-Shia, focuses the lighting at the traits that the Shia must have inside their moralities. with out such features, the Shia don't have received such ample advantages to which the second one booklet, particularly Fadhaa'il ush-Shia, refers. The 3rd e-book, specifically al-Mawaaizh, compiles the maxims and phrases of knowledge which are stated via the Prophet and the Imams, peace be upon all of them, on numerous events. it can be crucial for the Shiite, ahead of others, to use such maxims to himself, simply because they really are nice masterpieces and ethical principals.




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1] [1] confer with Bihar ul-Anwar; 67:200 H. 1 bankruptcy forty seven (47) The believer is less assailable than blocks of iron (The comparable past sequence of relaters)… from Hussein bin Amr stated that Abu Abdullah (a) stated: The believer is less attackable than blocks of iron. Iron is modified while it really is subjected to fireplace, whereas the believer aren't replaced whether he's killed, reduce by way of a observed, after which killed anew. [1] [1] confer with al-Mahaasin; 251, H. 266 (with one other sequence of narrators: - Mohammed bin Ismaeel bin Bazigh: Abu Ismaeel as-Sarraj: Khadhir bin Amr), Bihar ul-Anwar; 67:303 H. 34 bankruptcy forty eight (48) Allah created the believers from a similar beginning Al-Hasan bin Ahmed, Allah can have mercy upon him, narrated from… al-Mufaddhal that Abu Abdullah (a) stated: Allah, Blessed and Exalted is He, has created all of the believers from a similar starting place. nobody is additional to them and not anyone of them is excluded. by means of Allah (I swear), they're like a head for a physique and hands for a hand. if you happen to realize someone in contrast to this description, you need to be aware of that he's hypocrite. [1] [1] discuss with Bihar ul-Anwar; 67:304 H. 35 bankruptcy forty nine (49) wintry weather is the believer’s spring Mohammad bin Ali Majilwayh, Allah could have mercy upon him, narrated to us from… Mohammed bin Sulaiman ad-Dailami that Abu Abdullah (a) stated: iciness is the believer’s spring. Its lengthy nights aid the believer provide his rites of worship. [1] [1] confer with as-Saduq’s al-Amali; 197 H. 2, (He relates it to Ibn al-Waleed: al-Attar: Mohammed bin Sulaiman ad-Dailami: His father. ) Me’aani al-Akhbar; 228 H. 1, (The following addition to this narrative is recorded within the prior reference publication: “Its brief days aid the believer notice fasting in the course of them. ”) Rawdhat ul-Wa’idheen; 317, Bihar ul-Anwar; 67:304 H. 36 bankruptcy 50 (50) The believer and the worldly misfortunes (The similar earlier sequence of relaters)… from Mohammed bin Ahmed from Muawiya bin Ammar that Abu Abdullah (a) said:Allah has no longer insured the believers opposed to the worldly misfortunes. in reality, He insures them opposed to the blindness within the Hereafter and the disappointment –i. e. sightlessness. bankruptcy fifty one (51) The believer isn't unblessed (The similar past sequence of relaters)… from Mohammed bin Ahmed from Saeed bin Ghazwan that Abu Abdullah (a) acknowledged: The believer isn't really unblessed. [1] [1] consult with al-Mahaasin; 158 (within) H. ninety six (In this reference publication, the note ‘rash’ replaces the note ‘unblessed’. ) Bihar ul-Anwar; sixty seven: 304 (within) H. 36 bankruptcy fifty two (52) characteristics of the believer (The related prior sequence of relaters)… from Ahmed bin Mohammed from as-Salih Bin Maitham that Abu Abdullah (a) stated: He who enjoys 3 characters has the traits of religion in ideal: to tolerate the incorrect, to suppress the anger, and to pardon for the sake of gaining Allah’s rewards. For a person who enjoys such characters, Allah will take him to Paradise and may provide him the correct to intercede for people as many because the members of (the tribes of) Rabeea and Madhar.

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