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By Ayatullah Murtadha Mutahhari - XKP

Discourse One: the standards for Humanity

Discourse : the college of Humanity

Discourse 3: non secular Freedom (Part 1)

Discourse 4: non secular Freedom (Part 2)

Discourse 5: the Aristocracy and Magnanimity of Spirit

Discourse Six: Worship and Prayer (Part 1)

Discourse Seven: Worship and Prayer (Part 2)

Discourse 8: Repentance (Part 1)

Discourse 9: Repentance (Part 2)

Discourse Ten: Migration and Jihad (Part 1)

Discourse 11: Migration and Jihad (Part 2)

Discourse Twelve: trust within the Unseen



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So We spoke back him and brought him out of grief on the other hand We bring the believers. "(21;87-8) In my final discourses, I defined that worship and prayer, if competently played, finally ends up in a real affinity to God. The person, via worship, may be a true servant of God and a true servant has a real affinity to God. In different phrases, to be a true servant of God implies a sacred trip which culminates in affinity to God. this night I desire to speak about the 1st degree of the sacred trip, the purpose the place we needs to start our trip in the direction of affinity to God. And this is often what we want this present day. We who've now not taken any steps during this sacred course, won't reap the benefits of discussing the better phases of these vacationing this course. If we're sensible beings, we should always have an understanding of step one and the 1st level and the way we must always commence our worship. step one at the direction of affinity to God is repentance, that's the subject of my speak this night. What does repentance ability and what's its nature psychologically and what's its outcome spiritually? for plenty of folks, it kind of feels an easy subject yet have we ever considered analysing it psychologically? Repentance is a attribute of the individual that units it except animals. The man or woman possesses definite excessive aptitudes and detailed traits which aren't present in animals. this sort of is the facility to repent. It doesn't suggest basically uttering the word, "I search forgiveness from God, the main excessive and that i repent to Him. " it's not anything verbal. it's a mental and non secular country, a revolution of the brain and the above word describes that country however it isn't the nation itself. So if we utter this word a number of occasions an afternoon, it doesn't suggest we're penitent. precise repentance as soon as an afternoon brings us degree via degree closer to God. As an creation, enable me say that there's a distinction among inanimate and residing issues within the indisputable fact that inanimate issues haven't the facility to alter the path they persist with by way of their very own strength similar to the revolution of the earth round the sunlight or the circulation of the celebrities of their orbits or a stone that's dropped from a peak and pulled down by means of the strength of gravity. There needs to be an exterior issue so that it will bring them from their routine path. nonetheless, dwelling issues similar to crops and animals manage to swap their direction from inside of themselves and in the event that they meet stipulations which don't accord with their existence and its continuation, they themselves swap their path. while a sheep, a pigeon or perhaps a fly meets a drawback in its method, it is going to switch its direction even to the level of one hundred eighty levels, hence relocating in on the contrary course. Even vegetation can decide on and alter their direction inside sure limits and stipulations. whilst the roots of a tree reaches a stone, they modify its path. The person, too, is identical to vegetation and animals during this topic. Repentance is in truth a transformation of the path, no longer an easy one like that of crops and animals, particularly anything even more advanced and helpful of research.

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