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By Kevin Crawford

The 12 months is 3200 and mankind's empire lies in ashes.

The leap Gates fell 600 years in the past, severing the hyperlinks among the myriad worlds of the human diaspora.

Now, the lengthy isolation of the Silence falls away as women and men go back to the skies above their scattered worlds.

Will you be between them?

Stars with no quantity is a unfashionable technology fiction position enjoying online game stimulated by way of the old-fashioned Renaissance and partly encouraged by means of the good delusion role-playing video game variants written through Tom Moldvay and Frank Mentzer. The contents fit with most aged tuition clones and are designed to be simply imported in your personal favourite gaming process. as well as an entire pre-made stellar quarter, Stars with out quantity bargains GMs and gamers the instruments to create their very own sandbox-style adventures within the a ways future.

* vintage mechanics tailored for science-fiction event within the a ways future
Extensive GM help for construction adventure-crammed sandbox settings extra quick and easily

* global construction assets for growing system-neutral planets and famous person sectors
100 event seeds and guidance for integrating them with the worlds you've made
Old-school appropriate principles for weapons, cyberware, starships, and psionics

* area principles for knowledgeable characters who are looking to organize their very own colony, psychic academy, mercenary band, or different institution

While Stars with no quantity will be suited for a variety of settings, the backdrop supplied is an enormous canvas of scattered stars watching for exploration by means of intrepid spacefarers and impressive explorers. Tramp starships flit from international to global, buying and selling the treasures of far-off suns as reckless wanderers locate experience underneath alien stars. Elite mercenary bands release surgical moves from orbit, grav-tank dropcraft crashing down at the heads of local kings whereas guerilla combatants plot to attract knives at the hours of darkness of 2 moons. Alien eyes watch human interlopers from the acidic mists of forbidden worlds, their shining, toxic relics plundered by means of bold arms. the entire vintage parts of sci-fi experience have room to polish in Stars with out quantity. Come cause them to your individual!

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Psitech Weaponry Weapon harm variety in Meters fee journal characteristic Tech specific - 8,000 - Wis/Con five Metafocal Grenade 2d6 10/30 a hundred - Wis/Con five Metastasis Projector 2d6 25/50 8,000 - Wis/Con five Telekinetic Sling 1d10 100/300 3,500 - Wis/Con five brain Blade Psitech Weaponry Psitech weaponry is unusual and infrequently experimental in nature. the subsequent goods are easily probably the most as a rule recognized forms. brain blades frequently take the shape of intricately-fashioned gloves or stylized hilts, all fabricated with complicated psitech circuitry. Use of a brain blade calls for at the very least 2 degrees of the Telepathy self-discipline. within the fingers of a knowledgeable psychic, the glove or hilt extends a translucent, meter-long “blade” of telepathic static. This blade has no tangible substance, but when introduced into touch with a residing creature, it does 1d4 issues of wear, plus 1 element of wear and tear according to point of the wielder’s Telepathy self-discipline. harm performed takes the shape of concern, disorientation, and eventually unconsciousness; a brain blade won't kill a subject matter introduced less than zero hit issues by way of it. The static box created via brain blades suffers in simple terms minimum disruption via armor, and all assaults made with it are +3 to hit. brain blades don't have any impact on robots or inanimate items. Metafocal Grenades depend on not less than 2 degrees of the Precognition self-discipline to operate accurately. If thrown via a knowledgeable psychic, the explosions they reason by no means appear to reason harm to any creature or item the psychic needs to spare. Metafocal grenades are thrown and inflict harm within the comparable method as common grenades, albeit they use Combat/Psitech because the proper ability. 38 Metastasis Projectors are an outgrowth of an unsuccessful try out on the production of a biopsionic instrument for simple box therapy of accidents. The venture was once a failure, however the power of the instrument as a weapon used to be fast famous. The projector itself is a gauntletlike machine that emits a virtually invisible beam of biopsionic strength, and calls for not less than 2 degrees of the Biopsionic self-discipline to turn on. A aim hit by way of a projector suffers the surprising eruption of cancerous tumors; a number of hits may cause speedy demise, whereas even the slightest graze guarantees that the objective will event a deadly metastatic onset inside a couple of months or years. in simple terms biopsionic therapeutic or Tech point four scientific realization can therapy harm inflicted by way of a projector or medication the creeping development of a target’s cancers. each one hit from a metastasis projector provides 1 method rigidity to the objective, and the weapon has no impression on objectives who have already got a maximized method tension. Unsurprisingly, metastasis projectors are outlawed on just about all worlds which are conscious of their lifestyles. Telekinetic slings are forearm-mounted psitech arrays that magnify the normal talents of a Telekinetic with not less than 2 issues within the self-discipline. Any sturdy item smaller than an apple should be introduced by way of the sling, and the projectiles can flip corners, fly round stumbling blocks, and in a different way defy inertia.

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