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The swish winged type of the swan has encouraged artistic endeavors from fairy stories to ballets, and its profile is well-known instantly by way of even the main cursory of fowl admirers. Now the latest addition to Reaktion’s acclaimed Animal sequence examines the attention-grabbing tale at the back of this stylish bird.
The typical heritage of the swan is strangely advanced, as Peter younger unearths, delving into the bird’s habitat and feeding behavior, the physiological info of the 8 surviving species and a number of other extinct ones, the bird’s strength and persistence, and the formation flying that enables them to preserve power and fly nice distances with pace. Swan gives equivalent remedy to the lengthy and wealthy function of the swan in human tradition, from the Greek fantasy of Leda and the Swan to the bird’s portrayal in sculpture, furnishings, and model identify trademarks. younger additionally info the demanding situations dealing with conservation efforts to guard swans from human intake and fabric goods.
An engrossing account, Swan should be a great addition to the bookshelf of all who respect this pretty bird.

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