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By Seth Benardete, Ronna Burger, Michael Davis

This quantity brings jointly Seth Benardete's stories of Hesiod's Theogony, Homer's Iliad, and Greek tragedy, of 11 Platonic dialogues, and Aristotle's Metaphysics. those essays, a few by no means ahead of released, others tricky to discover, span 4 a long time of his paintings and rfile its striking variety. Benardete's philosophic examining of the poets and his poetic analyzing of the philosophers percentage a standard floor that makes this assortment a complete. the foremost, prompt through his reflections on Leo Strauss within the final piece, lies within the query of ways to learn Plato. Benardete's means is characterised not only via cautious cognizance to the literary shape that separates doctrine from discussion, and speeches from deed; particularly, by way of following the dynamic of those modifications, he uncovers the argument that belongs to the discussion as a complete. The "turnaround" such an issue undergoes bears effects for realizing the discussion as radical because the conversion of the thinker in Plato's snapshot of the cave.

Benardete's unique interpretations are the end result of this discovery of the "argument of the action."

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