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By Frances Yates

Publish yr note: First released in 1966 by means of collage Of Chicago Press and by way of Taylor & Francis in 1999

A innovative publication approximately mnemonic ideas, and their relation to the historical past of philosophy, technological know-how, and literature.

The old Greeks, to whom a expert reminiscence used to be of important importance—as it used to be to all people ahead of the discovery of printing—created an intricate reminiscence approach, in line with a strategy of impressing "places" and "images" at the brain. Inherited and recorded via the Romans, this artwork of reminiscence handed into the ecu culture, to be revived, in occult shape, on the Renaissance, and especially through the unusual and memorable genius, Giordano Bruno. Such is the most topic of Frances Yates's distinct and specified e-book, during which she sheds gentle on such assorted matters as Dante's Divine Comedy, the shape of the Shakespearian theater, and the heritage of historical structure. apart from its intrinsic fascination, this booklet is a useful contribution to aesthetics and psychology, and to the historical past of philosophy, of technology, and of literature.

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