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The ARTEMIS challenge used to be initiated by means of skillfully relocating the 2 outermost Earth-orbiting THEMIS spacecraft into lunar orbit to behavior unheard of twin spacecraft observations of the lunar atmosphere. ARTEMIS stands for Acceleration, Reconnection, Turbulence and Electrodynamics of the Moon's interplay with the sunlight. certainly, this quantity discusses preliminary findings relating to the Moon s magnetic and plasma environments and conductivity of the lunar inside. This paintings is geared toward researchers and graduate scholars in either heliophysics and planetary physics. initially released in area technological know-how studies, Vol. 165/1-4, 2011."

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H. Sweetser et al. desk three P1 Earth orbit and move part maneuvers ORM1A 2009/213 20:01:04. 853 eight. 243 ORM1B 2009/213 20:50:51. 171 eight. 441 ORM2A 2009/222 13:01:15. 050 eight. 389 ORM2B 2009/222 13:51:33. 867 eight. 468 ORM3A 2009/232 07:06:30. 159 eight. 477 ORM3B 2009/232 07:56:36. 098 eight. 517 ORM4A 2009/243 08:12:29. 465 thirteen. 901 ORM4B 2009/243 09:14:21. 187 eleven. 855 ORM5A 2009/256 18:57:06. 519 thirteen. 984 ORM5B 2009/256 19:48:19. 402 five. 505 FTM1A 2009/285 08:38:00. 635 zero. 203 FTM1B 2009/285 08:41:51. 037 zero. 602 FTM2 2009/336 08:02:21. 215 6. 084 TCM1 2009/348 04:51:56. 825 1. 886 TCM2 2010/015 12:27:38. 304 1. 455 TCM3 2010/024 07:00:59. 591 zero. 311 TCM4 2010/033 07:10:53. 521 zero. 116 DSM1 2010/069 19:00:00. 000 7. 312 TCM5 2010/110 09:00:00. 000 zero. 179 TCM6 2010/171 21:45:00. 000 zero. a hundred and eighty TCM7 2010/200 23:00:00. 000 zero. 651 TCM8 2010/230 06:00:00. 000 2. 244 single-impulse Earth departure, which incorporated 33 m/s for gravity and steerage losses and TCMs). the ultimate layout and trajectory correction maneuvers are given in desk four. five. 2 Trans-lunar part Trajectories The trans-lunar section of the ARTEMIS trajectory for every probe prolonged from the 1st shut lunar flyby to insertion into the objective Lissajous orbit. determine eight indicates the trans-lunar part of the ARTEMIS trajectory for P1. The trajectory is proven within the similar Sun-Earth synodic coordinate body utilized in Figs. four and five. within the determine the trajectory starts at the correct part of the plot with “Lunar Fly-by #1”. The P1 trajectory made use of a “back-flip”, in which the 1st lunar fly-by manage a moment lunar fly-by at the contrary facet of the Moon’s orbit ∼14 days later. The back-flip should be visible truly within the out-of-plane view insert within the backside left of Fig. eight and the start of it really is proven in Fig. 7. This moment flyby raised the apogee considerably, throwing the probe out past the Moon’s orbit in the direction of the sunlight. This all started the low-energy trajectory leg for P1, that is characterised by means of major gravitational perturbation imparted at the probe through the sunlight. This low-energy trajectory had deep-space legs that incorporated one fairly small deepspace maneuver (DSM). After the second one leg, the orbit perigee were raised to lunar distance, and the phasing with the Moon’s orbit used to be such that the probe moved right into a lunar Lissajous orbit round lunar Lagrange aspect #2 (LL2) with out requiring any deterministic insertion maneuver. by the point P1 reached the Lissajous orbit in August of 2010, 389 days had elapsed because the commence of ARTEMIS maneuver operations. determine nine indicates the trans-lunar trajectory for P2. The P2 trajectory in basic terms incorporated one lunar fly-by, which despatched the probe clear of the sunlight and past the Moon’s orbit right into a Reprinted from the magazine seventy four ARTEMIS challenge layout desk four P2 Earth orbit and move section maneuvers ORM1 ORM2 ORM3A ORM3B ORM4A ORM4B ORM5A ORM5B ORM6A ORM6B ORM7A ORM7B ORM8A ORM8B ORM9A ORM9B ORM10A ORM10B ORM11A ORM11B ORM12A ORM12B ORM13A ORM13B ORM14A ORM14B ORM15 ORM16 ORM17 ORM18 ORM19 ORM20 ORM21 ORM22 ORM23 ORM24 ORM25 ORM26 ORM27 SDM1 SDM2 FTM1 TCM1 DSM1 DSM2 TCM2 TCM3A TCM3B DSM3A DSM3B TCM4 TCM5 2009/202 2009/206 2009/210 2009/210 2009/215 2009/215 2009/219 2009/219 2009/224 2009/224 2009/229 2009/229 2009/234 2009/234 2009/240 2009/240 2009/246 2009/246 2009/252 2009/252 2009/258 2009/258 2009/264 2009/264 2009/271 2009/271 2009/278 2009/286 2009/294 2009/302 2009/311 2009/320 2009/331 2009/341 2009/352 2009/363 2010/010 2010/022 2010/057 2010/059 2010/074 2010/083 2010/085 2010/133 2010/152 2010/201 2010/214 2010/214 2010/252 2010/252 2010/274 2010/285 seventy five 07:33:03.

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