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By Robert Earl

Compelled to flee his lifetime of debt and debauchery, Bretonnian nobleman Florin d'Artaud methods his means onto a flotilla headed to the fabled lands of Lustria. Posing as a veteran army commander, Florin's instant matters are to get his troops below regulate and live on the lengthy, harmful sea voyage. when they arrive in lustria's steamy jungles, the mercenaries locate excess of they barained for and a straightforward treasure hunt becomes a sinister day trip for forgotten lore. however the old guardians of the junle won't allow their secrets and techniques be plundered so freely.

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Rattling it all,’ Florin cursed viciously and kicked a lump of lichen. ‘People will scouse borrow whatever. Now how are we presupposed to get throughout? ’ From in the back of them the far-off crash of splintering wooden despatched a flock of pigeons wheeling up into the sky. ‘We’ll need to stand and struggle, then. ’ ‘Bugger that,’ Lorenzo stated, horrified on the enthusiasm in his master’s voice. ‘We can leap. ’ ‘Jump! We’d by no means make it. It needs to be twenty ft throughout at the very least. ’ ‘It’s nowhere close to twenty feet,’ Lorenzo scoffed. ‘Watch this. ’ Hawking up a lump of phlegm he drew again his head and spat it around the divide. ‘It’s as effortless as that. ’ ‘Charming,’ Florin stated. ‘But not often facts. ’ The no longer too far-off tinkle of breaking glass floated out around the rooftops. ‘You’d imagine not anything of leaping the space if it used to be at the floor. glance, it can’t be greater than ten toes to that balcony, and it’s a piece less than us. ’ ‘No,’ Florin acknowledged, status up at the balls of his toes and stretching his again. ‘No, supply me my sword. We’ll stand and struggle. ’ Lorenzo watched his grasp roll his shoulders and flex his arms, like an athlete approximately to hurl a javelin. ‘My sword please,’ he requested, his eyes gleaming. With a shrug Lorenzo became and walked again alongside the ridge of the roof, the scabbarded sword in his hand. ‘Let me convey you,’ he acknowledged, and, prior to Florin may well react, he’d sprinted to the sting of the roof and hurled himself into house. For a second he appeared to hold suspended within the air, legs and arms windmilling like a few plump spider striking on an invisible thread. The blur of move that wrapped itself round him appeared to come from a global that was once motive on dashing earlier. The brickwork, the lichen, the harassed kaleidoscope of the road lower than and the easy wood handrail of the balcony all hurtled previous Lorenzo’s ungainly shape as he plummeted downwards. Florin watched open-mouthed as his servant flew throughout the air. Then, earlier than he’d even had time to believe the 1st stab of alarm, Lorenzo had landed, his ft and fingers slapping correctly onto the tiled ground of the balcony in scant applause. ‘There you cross, boss,’ he known as again with a cheeky grin. ‘Easy as you love. ’ ‘Yes. I see you took my sword with you. simply throw it again, could you? ’ ‘It’d by no means reach,’ Lorenzo shook his head regretfully. ‘You’d larger simply leap. ’ Florin hesitated. in the back of him the hulking shapes of Mordicio’s henchman had clambered up onto the roof. because the first of them crabbed carefully ahead and stuck sight of Florin, he known as anything to his partners, and drew a brief, fat-bladed cutlass. Florin flooring his tooth. If he’d been a service provider he’d have already got fled. If he’d been a knight he’d be getting ready to fulfill his pursuers along with his belt knife. because it used to be he simply swore, hurled his saddlebags over to Lorenzo, and ready to leap. ‘Come on, boss! ’ Lorenzo bellowed as if he have been at a horse race. ‘You can do it! ’ Florin rolled his neck, took a last glance in the back of him, and jumped. ‘Orcs, hiya? So, inform me concerning the campaign,’ Colonel van Delft stated, leaning again within the cabin’s basically chair and twirling the iron-grey tip of his moustache right into a harmful element.

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