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By Imam Ali Zain-ul-Abidin (AS) - XKP

A 7th century rfile on a variety of criminal and ethical rights of humans through Imam Ali ibn al Hussain (as)



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You need to forgive them their lack of information and never hurry them to punishment and also you should still thank Allah for the ability over them which He has given to you. and there's no power keep in Allah. " The Ima`m, peace be on him, rigorously thought of the governments status in his time and located them status on strength and oppression. the folks didn't select them, for that reason they yielded to oppression and abasement, and accordingly the Ima`m prompt these rulers to behave with justice towards them and to be like a compassionate father towards them. along with he recommended them to thank Allah for His favors. bankruptcy 20 18. Rights of newcomers "The correct of your matters via wisdom is that you can comprehend that Allah made you a caretaker over them basically via wisdom He has given you and His storehouses which He has unfolded to you. in the event you do good in educating the folks, no longer treating them approximately or demanding them, then Allah increases His bounty towards you. but when you withhold your wisdom from them or deal with them approximately once they search wisdom from you, then it will likely be Allah's correct to deprive you of information and its beauty and to make fall out of your position in people's hears. " the nice Ima`m, peace be on him, recommended the non secular students to unfold wisdom between inexperienced persons and to make it a correct opposed to them. Allah, the Exalted, has supplied the non secular students with wisdom and knowledge, specifically, He has made them caretakers over wisdom. in the event that they unfold it one of the novices, they're going to perform their tasks and convey their message; another way they are going to be traitors and oppressors, and they're going to divulge themselves to Allah's vengeance and wrath. bankruptcy 21 19. Rights of spouse (Mamlu`ka) "The correct of your spouse (mamlu`ka) is that you simply understand that Allah has made her a repose and a convenience for you; you need to recognize that she is Allah's desire towards you, so that you may still honor her and deal with her lightly. although her correct towards you is extra incumbent, you want to deal with her with compassion, considering she is your prisoner (asir) whom you feed and dress. If she is ignorant, you need to pardon her. and there's no power keep in Allah. " The Ima`m, peace be on him, urged the husband to honor his spouse and deal with her lightly. bankruptcy 22 20. Rights of Slave (Mamlu`k) "The correct of your slave (mamlu`k) is that you can comprehend that he's the creature of your Lord, the son of your mom and dad, and your flesh and blood. You personal him, yet you probably did now not make him; Allah made him. you probably did no longer create any of his limbs, nor did you provide him along with his sustenance; to the contrary, Allah promises the sufficiency for that. Then He subjugated him to you, entrusted him to you, and deposited him with you so you might be safeguarded via the nice you supply to him. So act good towards him, simply as Allah has acted good towards you. in case you dislike him, change him, yet don't torment a creature of Allah. and there's no energy retailer in Allah. " reckoning on Islam, the good Ima`m, peace be on him, seemed the slave as a loose guy, for Allah created him, created for him listening to and sight, supplied him with provision, simply as He did towards the associated fee guy, as a result the landlord has no correct to teach haughtiness towards him or to tire him.

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