Download E-books The Chess Combat Simulator: Test and Improve Your Chess with 50 Instructive Grandmaster Games PDF

By Jeroen Bosch

Chess self-improvement for newbie avid gamers, who're invited to discover the simplest strikes in 50 Grandmaster video games. a different scoring method premiums your functionality and registers your growth. do not be afraid in the event that your circulate differs from the Grandmaster?s selection: replacement strikes are analysed and rated as a result. circulate by way of movement you decide a Grandmaster's mind to develop into a greater participant!

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Dxe5 dxe5 10. lt:lbd2 1O. 'i! Va4 'i:fd6 1 1. l2Jbd2 is an previous recom­ mendation of Keres. 10... 'it'd6 eleven. 'it'c2 White threatens 12. lLlc4. How does Black get energetic counterplay? 7. �g5 the most replacement here's 7. l:te 1, for example: 7... d6 eight. h3 h6 nine. �e3 �d7 10. �a4 l:l. e8 1 1. lLlbd2 exd4 12. l2Jxd4 lt:lxd4 thirteen . �xd7 'ifxd7 14. �xd4 l:te6 and Black had effortless play in Stefansson-Sokolov, Kopavogur 2000. After 7. l:te 1 d6 the interpolation of eight. a4 aS labored out good for Black in Van den Doel-Sokolov, Dutch championship 1999. White had misplaced keep watch over over the b4-square after nine. h3 h6 10. �e3 exd4!? 1l. cxd4 ( 1l. �xc6) 1 I... l2Jb4 while Black had back a good video game. The strive against starts off. stable success! 7... d6 concept advises Black to incorporate ... h6 and .... th4 the following. Sokolov has his personal rules in regards to the usefulness of this. The bishop may be susceptible on gS as turns into transparent in a while within the online game. An older online game, by means of a namesake of our current protagonist, went 7... h6 eight. �h4 d6 9.. txc6 bxc6 10. dxe5 dxeS 1l. 'i! Va4 29 The Chess wrestle Simulator- around 1 you're Black Your circulate: 1 1... Your ranking: ll. tt:lhs (8) I I... tt:ld7(4) I I.... ia6(4) 12 . l:!. fel YourMove: 12... Your ranking: 12 . 'ii'g6 (6) • _ __ •• ___ . • 12... f6(2) 12.... ia6(2) 12... �e6 ( 1) thirteen .. ie3 Your stream: thirteen ... Your rating: thirteen tt:lf4 (S) thirteen ... �h3 (2) thirteen ... l:Ie8(2) thirteen ... f6(3 ) 14. g3 Your flow: 14... Your rating: 14 f6 (S) 1S. a4 YourMove: IS ... Your rating: 1S... �e6 (S) IS ... �a6(2) sixteen. aS YourMove: 16.. Your ranking: sixteen �xe3 (1) 17. l:Ixe3 YourMove: 17. . Your ranking: 17 . l:!. ad8 (S) 18. tt:lb3 YourMove: 18. Your ranking: 18 . 'ifhS (7) 18.... l:!. d6(4) 19. tt:lh4 Your circulation: 19... Your ranking: 19 tt:lh3+ (6) 19.... l:!. d6(4) 19... h8(3 ) 20. g2 Your circulate: 20 .. Your rating: 20 t2Jgs (S) 21. tLlcS Your Move:2 1.. Your ranking: 21. �h3+ (2) 22. gl Your Move:22... 30 _ __ ••• ___ ••• . ___ _ __ ••• . _ __ . . _ __ ••• •• _ _ _ ••• . ___ ••• . ___ •• _ __ Combat five- Wiersma-Sokolov Your rating: 22 .. ig4 (8) 23. '1ttg2 Your movement: 23 ... Your rating: 23 ... -idl (8) 24. 'it'cl YourMove: 24... Your rating: 24 . £5 (10) 25. exf5 Your stream: 25.. Your rating: 25 J'bf5 (4) 26. tbxf5 Your circulate: 26... Your rating: 26... 'it'h3+ (2) 27. 'ittgl Your circulate: 27. . Your ranking: 27 'it'xf5 (3) 28. �g2 YourMove: 28.. Your ranking: 28 ... .. if3+ (4) 28... 'it'h3+(2) 29. 'ittgl Your flow: 29 .. Your ranking: 29 tDh3+ (4) ••• ____ .. . ___ •• . ___ ___ ••• . . ___ ____ . •• Your stream: 30 ... Your rating: 30 . 1:t. dl + (2) White resigned. Maxinnunnscore:lOO Your wrestle ranking: Your strive against functionality: ••• 31 The Chess wrestle Simulator- around 1 Why did Sokolov play as he did? If 1S ... aS then sixteen. tbc4, and it isn't nec­ essary to play 1S ... i. xe3 but. sixteen. a5 �xe3 17. lhe3 17. fxe3 tbh3+ 18. c;. t>g2 tLlgS and Black has a truly beneficial place. 17... l:lad8 Please word how Sokolov first includes all his items sooner than embarking on an all-out offensive. 18. ti:Jb3 11... tt:Jh5 this isn't strong, yet suggesting a play­ capable replacement isn't really so basic.

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