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By Ayatullah Sayyid Abul Qasim Al Khui - XKP

Gives facts of the way the Quran has remained natural because the time it used to be printed and never passed through any tahrif (additions or omissions).


Two vital Chapters from AL BAYAN FI TAFSIRIL QUR'AN Translated from the Arabic by

(late) Mulla Asghar Ali M.M Jaffer

Published by way of: Madrasa As Syed al Khui Stanmore, Middlesex, united kingdom

Written by way of; Ayatullah Syed Abu al-Qasim al-Khoei

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So Uthman acknowledged: "And I endure witness that those verses are from Allah. Now, let us know the place do you need us to put them? " Khuzaimah stated: "Place them on the finish of what used to be final printed of the Qur'an". So Baraah used to be ended with them". file n. nine nine. Ubaid b. Umair acknowledged: "Umar by no means recorded any verse within the compilation until eventually it was once witnessed by means of males. Then a guy from Ansar delivered to him those verses: until its finish. Umar acknowledged: I shall by no means ask you to verify those. The Messenger of Allah was once certainly like that'[32] record n. 10 10. Sulaiman b. Arqam studies from Al‑Hasan and Ibn Sirin and Ibn Shihab Az‑Zuhri. They stated: "In the conflict of Yamamah, bloodbath unfold between reciters of the Qur'an, killing 400 males. Then Zaid b. Thabit met Umar b. al‑Khattab and advised him: `This Qur'an binds us to our religion. If Qur'an vanishes, our religion vanishes additionally. i've got determined to assemble the Qur'an in a publication form'. Umar requested him to withhold until eventually he had consulted Abu Bakr. They went to Abu Bakr and knowledgeable him concerning the purpose. He stated: `Do now not make haste. Wait until i've got consulted the Muslims'. Then he stood to deal with the folk and proficient them concerning the purpose. They acknowledged: "You have made the ideal decision". so that they compiled the Qur'an. Then Abu Bakr ordered a bring in to announce between humans: "Whoever has any a part of the Qur'an with him may still get a hold of it". file n. eleven eleven. Khuzaimah b. Thabit experiences: "I introduced the subsequent ayah to Umar b. al‑Khattab and Zaid b. Thabit: Zaid requested: "Who bears witness with you? " I acknowledged: "No. i don't recognize anyone". So Umar acknowledged: "I endure witness with him for the ayah". record n. 12 12. Abu Ishaq stories from a few of his acquaintances. They acknowledged: "When Umar had accomplished the gathering of the Qur'an, he inquired: "Who is such a lot good versed in Arabic? " They acknowledged: "Saeed b. al‑Aas". Then he requested: "Who is so much expert author? " They stated: "Zaid b. Thabit". He acknowledged: "Then Saeed should still dictate and Zaid may still write down". so that they transcribed 4 copies of the Qur'an. a replica each one used to be despatched to Kufah, Basrah, Syria and Hijaz". document n. thirteen thirteen. Abdullah b. Fadhalah says: "When Umar determined to put in writing the grasp reproduction of the Qur'an, he appointed a bunch of his partners for it they usually acknowledged: "When you've got any war of words over the language. write it down within the dialect of Mudhar. simply because Qur'an got here right down to a guy from the relations of Mudhar". record n. 14 14. And Abu Qalabah acknowledged: "In the times of Uthman's caliphate, a educate may train recitation in accordance with a specific individual, whereas one other may train recitation in response to another individual; so while the lads (students) met, they disagreed approximately each one other's recitations. This eventually got here to the eye of the tutors who labelled every one other's recitations as profane. whilst Uthman learnt approximately this, he stood as much as deal with the folk and stated: "If you who're close to me have a lot of disagreements and confusion, then people who find themselves farther away should have worse transformations and blunders.

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