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By Richard Palliser

In this booklet, strategies professional Richard Palliser provides the reader with an important 1500 chess puzzles, all checked for accuracy via the most recent desktop engines. there's something for avid gamers of all degrees right here: many easy strategies – forks, pins, skewers and checkmates – to attract newcomers and improvers, and a variety of brain-teasers that may tax even the most powerful of players.

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Vokac Teplice 2007 Black toPlay 629) D E. Geller • okay. Langeweg The Hague 1962 White toPlay 112 631) D O. Foisor • M. Pavlovic Triesen 2007 White toPlay 632) D A. Volokitin • M. Kravtsiv Ukrainian crew Championship 2007 White toPlay Att ack ! 633) D C. Schlechter • P. Meitner Vienna 1899 D B. Tadic • D. Solak Vrsac 2007 636) White toPlay White toPlay 634) D R. Spielmann • Hoenninger Vienna 1929 637) D D. Solak • Z. Arsovic Vrsac 2007 White toPlay White to Play 635) D S. Azarov • Y. Zherebukh Voronezh 2007 White toPlay 638) D l. lvanisevic • D. Pikula Vrsac 2007 Black toPlay 113 The Co mplete Chess Wo rko ut 639) D Pham Minh • Tran Quoc Ding Vung Tau 2002 642) D M. Krasenkow • T. Markowski Warsaw 2004 White to Play 640) D G. Spalding • S. Robertson Wantage 2006 White to Play 643) D Z. Belsitzman • A. Rubinstein Warsaw 1926 White to Play 641) D A. Naiditsch • L. Ftacnik Warsaw 2005 Black to Play 114 Black to Play 644) D A. Leniart • J. Gdanski Warsaw (rapid) 2006 Black to Play Attack! 645) D G. Gajewski • A. Aieksandrov Warsaw (rapid) 2006 648) D J. Van der Wiel • Z. Peng Wijk aan Zee 2007 White to Play 646) D E. l'Ami • J. Smeets Wijk aan Zee 2007 Black to Play 649) D l. Van Wely • S. Karjakin Wijk aan Zee 2007 White to Play 647) D H. Jonkman • E. Berg Wijk aan Zee 2007 White to Play Black to Play 650) D M. Adams • J. Piket Wijk aan Zee 1991 Black to Play one hundred fifteen The Co mplete Chess Wo rk o ut 651) zero M. Bosboom • T. Willemze Wijk aan Zee 2007 654) zero W. Spoelman • E. Van Haastert Wijk aan Zee 2007 Black to Play Black to Play 652) zero M. Krasenkow • E. Van Haastert Wijk aan Zee 2007 655) zero okay. Smallbone • D. Hackett Witney 2002 White to Play White to Play 653) zero N. Kosintseva • E. Berg Wijk aan Zee 2007 Black to Play 116 656) zero R. Palliser • T. Headlong Witney 2003 White to Play Attack! 657) D J. Speelman • Peng Xiaomin Yerevan 1996 660) D Black to Play Black to Play 658) D Y. Hambartsumian • A. Vegiazarian Yerevan 2007 661) D A. Moran • T. Turner York 2000 Black to Play D D. Adams • T. Braithwaite York 2006 White to Play Black to Play 659) C. Costello • R. Palliser York 2003 662) D J. Woolley • R. Tozer York 2006 White to Play 117 The Co mplete Chess Wo rko ut 663) D M. Bridger • R. Palliser York 2006 666) D White to Play Black to Play 664) D P. Barber • B. Marshall York 2005 667) D P. Hopwood • E. Cameron York 2000 White to Play 118 D P. Hopwood • P. Biacker York 1997 White to Play White to Play 665) P. Hopwood • J. Bennett York 1998 668) D R. Palliser • D. Baldwin York 1997 White to Play Attack! 669) D R. Palliser • J. Woolley York 2006 672) D White to Play 670) D R. Palliser • M. Rogerson York 2005 White to Play D M. Franic • R. Zelcic Zadar 2006 673) White to Play 671) D T. Turner • P. Hopwood York 2003 White to Play R. Palliser • R. Mitchinson York simul 2001 Black to Play 674) D ok. Sasikiran • R. Ponomariov Zafra (rapid) 2007 White to Play 119 The Co mplete Chess Wo rko ut 675) zero J. Pavic • Z.

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