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Knots weaken the rope, co rd or ~tri nl! in wh ich they're tied. An undesirable overha nd knot allowed 10 stay In a fishing linc o r \\';I. shmg lme, for example, will greater than hahc: rhe breaking power. Sulky knots afC' larger, Ihe double fis~rman's or grmner knol preservmg sixty five lO 70 pcT Ctll! of the: cordage sncngth and the blood knot eighty five [0 ninety pe r cent; whi le the bimini rwis\ is cl a imed by means of w me to be a hundred ~r Ctlll cfficiclI1 (in different phrases, as robust because the un lmo n ed line). Chmbers, whO! iC Jives Inerally cling upon their koo15, anglers, willing 10 prdervt upensi,'c tx ldr and 10 seize thaI record-breaking fish. ropewarkmg attack, rescue aT surve y turns, lifting rackJe operatives on building mrs all decide upon and use sttong knots. safety is three diffuent considera tion. A StrOllg knot Ih31 slips and slides. spills, capSIZes o r mhe rv. ·l5C eomn undone. is much less :. ecure than one- lhaI holds enterprise. a few- knots arc s«ure- e-nough while conscientiously ~mbled and place-d undc-r a sle-ady load bUI 100000n and are available adrifl if imenTIl u cmly re rked or repea tedly shaken. Smce energy and safety arc diffe rem features, knou Ihat combme hOlh of [hem could 5Cem to be excellent- why trouble with any others? it is because caSe' of tYing and untying arc frequently cssc. nnal. Sim plicity a hundred will be fascinating. So, while lhey can gel away wllh it , knot tyers kn owmgl y exchange off one quali! y '0 ag:llnsl Ihe ol her. certainly $Orne d:tSsif;: knOIS, regardless of lengthy cslJbhshcd repu l:lnons fo r rdiablhl}', arc surprismgly wcak and msecure whilst pm to Ihe tCSt. the typical bo" hne is simply forty five consistent with cem ~trong and m stiff o r slick rope can simply he made co spill. , ... u~. SlrmJjlMMd bo""jj"" oenor"! ... IIh ~n o ..... ~nd kno •. Knots can bc made extra secu re. Fo r instance. the relauvely Slrong figun' of 8 loop could be made extra- safe via anachmg the: sho rt finish of the rope to 1fli advert jacent 51andmg pan With a doubl e o\'erhand Ienot (ahove ldt). Similarl y, the co mmon bowline rna)" be either sfren gt hened and made mure s«ure wi lh the e"tra rurn of this double (or dimher 's) model, the operating finish of that's funher s;lfrgua rded with an ovemllnd IenO! to the closest leg of the loop (Ielt). The reef knot is ~nti:all)' susceptible. bU I lne ends can be secu purple with a pair o f douhle ove rh and knots (abo\'e centre). And ~ proprieTa ry model of chock (above right), identified ~s a ~waUnut~ and used fo r mount:llllec:ring and n:lat«l actions. IS anachcd to a StrOP of outstan dmgly powerful ~mH1. cle fibn:~ Spcttra ac~ry twine. that's tied wilh a douhle fisherman's kno! and sccumy guaranteed by way of laping bolh ends to adj acent stand ing pam. . ~

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