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By Mihail Marin

Mihail Marin completes his chess establishing repertoire for White with 1.c4, the English beginning, by way of protecting 1.c4 c5. the idea is cutting-edge with many novelties steered, yet most valuable of all are Marin's lucid causes of ways to play the ensuing positions. stories of the 1st quantity: "Perhaps the largest praise i will be able to provide is this is the single ebook that i'm going to now be taking with me to my tournaments and staff matches!” GM Tony Kosten, writer of The Dynamic English "A generally lucid and thorough exposition from probably the main insightful and trustworthy chess writer writing today.” GM Jonathan Rowson, New in Chess

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Ixb2?! This has been attempted in a number of video games at grandmaster point. even if the sensible effects are passable for Black, this can be unrelated to the target advantages of Black's final flow. because the bishop is uncovered on b2, Black supplies up no fewer than tempos, whereas White regains the pawn with an lively stream. 1 2. :1! xc5 . ig7 1 2 . . . . ia3 appears bizarre, because the bishop has not anything to do in this diagonal. 1 three . :1! b5 a6 This has been performed in a few video games. 1 four. :1! b l ! N± White retreats his rook to a secure sq. and plans to increase his initiative with ltJd2-c4, benefiting from the uncovered placement of Black's items and the weak spot of the b7-square. 1 three . '! Wb3 White wishes one pace (:1! fc 1 ) to accomplish his improvement and publish the enemy queens ide to the mixed strain of virtually his complete military. The struggle is asymmetric, as the probably energetic g7 -bishop can't give a contribution to the defence by any means. 1 three . . . . id7 Black doesn't have to shield his b7-pawn but, simply because 1 four. '! Wxb7 :1! ab8 1 five . '! Wa6 ltJd4, by way of sixteen . . . ltJxe2t, ends up in beneficial simplifications. 1 ninety eight The Open strains Mter 1 three .. Jl:b8 1 4Jl:fc 1 Black dedicated the fun blunder 1 four . . . i. d7? in Sevostianov Kostjukov, Alushta 1 998, yet he remained unpunished. White didn't realize that when I S Jl:dS! N Black can't preserve his bishop defended. for example, I S . . . Wfe6 1 6. liJgS or I S . . . Wfc7 1 6. i. f4 and the pin alongside the c-file is killing. 1 four. �fc 1 White brings his final piece into play and prepares a pin at the enemy knight, threatening the standard �dS . a b c d e f h g 12. liJxd4 White instantly provokes the hole of the c-file for his rook. If as a substitute White tolerated the enemy knight, he might quickly lose the initiative. 12 cx:d4 ••• a b c d Black desperately must win a pace for his improvement. e f g h 1 four . . . b6 now not a pleasant movement to play, as the c6square is weakened, yet Black had no invaluable strikes. for example, 14 . . . �fd8 would depart the fl­ pawn poorly defended, permitting White to boost his initiative with I S . liJgS± by way of liJe4. I S . �dS Wfc7 1 6. i. f4 Wfb7 1 7. liJeS i. xeS 1 eight . �xeS White has the bishop pair and threatens �xe7. 1 eight . . . �fe8 1 nine. �ecS! tips to fix White's excellent piece coordination. 1 nine . . . �ac8 20. �Sc2 eS 2 1 . i. e3± White has powerful queenside strain, whereas the eS-pawn and the remainder of Black's kingside are all weak, Petursson - Olafsson, Reykjavik 1 978. 1 2 . . . i. xd4 was once attempted in Ricardi - Malbran, Buenos Aires 1 993. eight 7 6 five four three 2 a b c d e f g h 1 three . i. xd4! N White are usually not provide his opponent even a second to respire. 1 three . . . cxd4 ( I three . . . Wfxd4 leaves Black with the matter of his cS-pawn unsolved after 1 four. Wfc2±) 1 four. Wfc2± White will commence the invasion alongside the open dossier immediately. 1 three. i. d2 Chapter 10 - Reversed Maroczy with . . . g6 The absence of knights may well supply Black a fake feeling of safeguard, yet issues are usually not effortless for him. White's bishops are very energetic, certainly one of them hitting b7 and the opposite being able to harass Black with .

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