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By P. G. Wodehouse

The woman of the name is red-haired, dog-loving Wilhelmina "Billie" Bennet, and the 3 males are Bream Mortimer, a long-time good friend and admirer of Billie, Eustace Hignett, a lily-livered poet who's engaged to Billie on the establishing of the story, and Sam Marlowe, Eustace's rushing cousin, who falls for Billie before everything sight.

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Eustace Hignett started to worry that his cousin's cause should have develop into unseated. He couldn't conceive of any particularly sane guy, having a look like that, being worried to be informed how he seemed. "Are my lips crimson sufficient? it is for the ship's live performance, you recognize. It begins in half-an-hour, even though i feel i am not on until the second one half. talking as a pal, might you set a slightly extra black around the ears, or are all of them correct? " interest changed apprehension in Hignett's brain. "What on the earth are you doing functioning at the ship's live performance? " "Oh, they roped me in. It obtained approximately someway that i used to be a worthwhile guy, and so they would not take no. " Sam deepened the color of his ears. "As an issue of fact," he acknowledged casually, "my fiancée made fairly some degree of my doing whatever. " a pointy yelp from the decrease berth proclaimed the truth that the importance of the comment had no longer been misplaced on Eustace. "Your fiancée? " "The lady i am engaged to. did not I inform you approximately that? convinced, i am engaged. " Eustace sighed seriously. "I feared the worst. inform me, who's she? " "Didn't I let you know her identify? " "No. " "Curious! i have to have forgotten. " He hummed an ethereal pressure as he blackened the end of his nostril. "It's quite a curious accident, quite. Her identify is Bennett. " "She could be a relation. " "That's precise. in fact, women do have kin. " "What is her first identify? " "That is one other quite striking factor. it really is Wilhelmina. " "Wilhelmina! " "Of path, there has to be hundreds and hundreds of women on the earth known as Wilhelmina Bennett, yet nonetheless it's a twist of fate. " "What color is her hair? " demanded Eustace Hignett in a hole voice. "Her hair! What color is it? " "Her hair? Now, allow me see. You question me what color is her hair. good, chances are you'll name it auburn ... or russet ... otherwise you may well name it Titian.... " "Never brain what i would name it. Is it crimson? " "Red? Why, certain. that may be a excellent description of it. Now that you simply placed it to me like that, it truly is crimson. " "Has she a trick of grabbing at you unexpectedly, whilst she will get excited, like a kitten with a ball of wool? " "Yes. sure, she has. " Eustace Hignett uttered a pointy cry. "Sam," he acknowledged, "can you undergo a surprise? " "I'll have a touch at it. " "Brace up! " "I'm prepared. " "The woman you're engaged to is similar lady who promised to marry me. " "Well, good! " acknowledged Sam. there has been a silence. "Awfully sorry, after all, and all that," stated Sam. "Don't apologise to me! " acknowledged Eustace. "My bad previous chap, my in simple terms feeling in the direction of you is without doubt one of the purest and profoundest pity. " He reached out and pressed Sam's hand. "I regard you as a toad underneath the harrow! " "Well, i guess that is a method of supplying congratulations and cheery reliable needs. " "And on best of that," went on Eustace, deeply moved, "you have to sing on the ship's live performance. " "Why cannot I sing on the ship's live performance? " "My expensive previous guy, you've got many important traits, yet you need to understand that you just cannot sing. you cannot sing for nuts! i do not are looking to discourage you, yet, some time past because it is, you cannot have forgotten what an ass you made up of your self at that house-supper in class.

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